Equinox Preparations

Equinox Gateway

Prepare for Equinox
Positive Potentials of Equinox Gateway
by Selacia

Equinox arriving Thursday is occurring during a powerful window of time.
Humanity has been doing lots of status-quo reviews, and most likely you have had your own on a very personal level.

The Mercury Retrograde, ending Wednesday, has been an excellent time to reassess your life circumstance and decide what you would want to keep or discard going forward.

If you’re not familiar with the planets and astrology, a cycle like Mercury Retrograde can often be the catalyst for some big rethinking of one’s life.

A Rethinking Phase

With so much changing now, and the constant influx of new factors to consider, it’s not surprising you would be in a rethinking phase – even without the Retrograde.

The two eclipses of September added an element of intensity to your self-introspection. The Pisces Lunar Eclipse during last week’s Full Moon provided a huge opening for looking with more clarity at your life.

Most likely, either consciously or in the dream state, you had new insights about what fuels your choices.

Role of Emotions

As part of this you may have awakened one day this past week with a brand-new perspective about your emotional life and the connection to motivations.
This is very helpful.

Changing patterns and life direction is much easier once you understand your inner motivations for doing things.
Emotions can play a key role.

An important part of spiritual awakening is to become more attuned to your own emotional states – learning to understand how emotions fuel responses to life events.

Emotions are front-and-center in much of global dialogue about the overhaul of society. There is a lot at stake and people hold very diverse views.

Your Daily Processing

Daily you are processing your own response to the world’s accelerating uncertainty and chaos. If you were consciously aware of all that you process in a single day, you would be stunned.

For context, this indeed is a unique time for the world. So much needs to shift and many things like climate and injustice are a crisis point. Political dramas, notably in the US, are driven by emotional fear-based themes.

With this background, you can better understand why your own emotions may be closer to the surface now.

After all, humanity across the world is interconnected. Further, some issues being debated on the world stage are almost as old as humanity itself.

DNA-Level Conditioning

That means your own past life DNA-level conditioning could be triggered now. Most likely you were subject to tyranny and injustice countless times before.

Therefore, in current moments your aware consciousness can respond in unfamiliar ways – due to belief systems you unknowingly hold on a subconscious level. You may get quite emotional and not know why. Example: in a past life you may have died in a revolution or you may have witnessed as your mother was unjustly sent to the gallows for suspected witchcraft.

Volume on “High”

This is especially true during energy threshold moments like Equinox. Life then may feel like someone turned the volume on “high” and your nervous system may go on alert more than normal. You may witness more emotional outbursts from others at work or home. It can feel like the lid on “normal” was removed – all kinds of weird things happening.

About Equinox Gateways

All Equinoxes are energy gateways, in part because of how the Sun aligns with the Equator and temporarily reduces Earth’s magnetic field.
This allows you to access potentially profound spiritual insights, connect with spiritual guidance, and have an expanded connection to other dimensions. In tandem with this, there’s an amplified effect at such a gateway, experiences in this dimension feeling super-sized.

This particular Equinox is a high-energy threshold involving balance and new beginnings. It’s an excellent time for inner work and meditation, helping you to connect with spiritual openings and to release past baggage so you can advance.

One of Best Transformation Thresholds in 2016

With the Sun moving into Libra, signaling a change of seasons, this Equinox is one of the best transformation thresholds so far this year!

Think of this Equinox Gateway unfolding Thursday through the weekend as a new pivotal choice point – a moment when you can propel yourself into new adventures housed in a higher frequency with quantum manifestation potentials.

Make the most of this by staying present, self-censoring negative thoughts, and making specific intentions of how you would like to see your light expressed. Approach this in a quantum way. That means seeing each moment and potential new moment as brand new and filled with a radiance that matches that of your soul. Visualize yourself living as soul starting now.

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Equinox Gateway
Equinox Gateway

Days You Will Remember


Days You Will Remember
How to Process Your Experience
by Selacia

There are many days you will remember in this life. These are times that had such a profound impact on your view of existence that when you reflect on them, you have either great joy or deep sadness.


Most of us can remember where we were on 9/11. That day 15 years ago is one of those significant life moments we remember, indeed one that we can’t forget. The September 11th attacks are forever etched in our minds as a moment when the world all of a sudden felt less safe.

Processing Your Experience

In this article are some suggestions for processing key dates you remember – the good ones and the ones that stir deep sorrow.

Typical examples of good memories include the birth of a child, a wedding day, the day you met your soulmate, a positive milestone in your career, and a weekend spiritual retreat that was your first spark of awakening.

Interestingly, it is human nature – really the ego self and not one’s spiritual self – to put more focus on memorable days or experiences that cause one pain. Example: dates like 9/11 get lots of attention and receive an enlarged sense of importance. Just thinking about them easily stirs deep feelings of sadness, anger, and a host of other pain-based emotions. Reliving images and sounds makes it even worse.

Conditioning to Focus on the Negative

Individuals have this conditioning to focus on the negative – so do journalists who cover the news. Media companies, mostly owned by big business, are driven by profits and they have found that bad news sells. The media ratings spike each time they cover a disaster like a terror attack.

For perspective, there is plenty of good news out there. And there are countless journalists and other writers who share uplifting stories of courage and love. It’s helpful to remember this, especially on days like the anniversary of 9/11. Keep that in mind and look for the good in horrible things.

After all, the mind will go to where attention is placed. It’s okay to place one’s mind on news of 9/11 – that’s honoring those who died – but do it with discernment and conscious awareness. Don’t give your power away by going to the place of fear, worry, and projecting into the future what might happen because of 9/11.

Remember that humanity and individuals are basically good. Within each person is a divine spark. That spiritual nature is not related to religion, race, gender, or country of origin. There is basic goodness in each one of us.

I’m not talking about magical thinking here. All people possess both goodness and a shadow side. In addition, we now live at a time with the largest and most diverse human population the Earth has ever had! People are at various stages of awakening – some still deep asleep spiritually, and at the other end of the spectrum, others whose lives have been fully devoted to the spiritual path.

It’s best to avoid judgment and not waste your precious time categorizing yourself or others. The path to enlightenment is an ongoing process, not a ladder with levels you can measure. At any point on the path, a person can make an unwise choice that comes from ego. Even spiritual masters do this – there are levels of mastery.

Monitor Your Energy

When you review a tragic event like 9/11, do your best to monitor your energy and be present. Remember: 9/11 is not happening now.

Because of media frequent references to 9/11, though, you may feel like this experience is in the now moment. You may then worry obsessively about what might happen next.

Self-censor your mind. Only you can control your own mind in the moment. You can stop that inner terrorist – your conditioned mind – from keeping you in loops of fear. Remember to breathe and come back to the now.

Reflecting on Your Personal Sad Moments

In every person’s life will be sad moments, times when you lose something or someone. It’s part of being human. Key times many people remember include: the day a loved one died, the day a fire destroyed their home, or the day they were abruptly fired from a treasured job.

There is no way to measure the pain of such things. Each of them can trigger feelings of loss, and with that, a feeling that a part of oneself is lost. That is not true of course, but it can feel like it.

Realize when you are reflecting on loss that the thing or person is not your individual essence. That part of you is not the other person, not your house, not your job. You have an eternal spiritual nature that transcends everything else.

Your house and your job don’t go with you to the next life. Sometimes you reincarnate with some of the same people, but each person has his or her own unique spiritual evolution.

If someone you love dies, their spirit will go on and have many great adventures. As you reflect on losing this person, keep in mind that you don’t lose them as your conditioned mind has you believe. Yes, they are no longer in the physical and near you. Grieving can take time. Honor the grieving process – it is a way of honoring yourself, the other person, and your relationship.

Grieving is a temporary experience – you won’t have it forever. Focus on the good you had with the loved one. Keep the higher view in mind – love is the eternal bond. Your love for one another connects you across time and dimensions. This kind of love has no expectations, no rules, and no limitations. Love of this higher nature is boundless and honoring – there is a trust that the universe is orchestrating the perfect divine plan.

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Beginnings and Endings

the earth - peace

Beginnings and Endings
-September Energy Tips-
by Selacia

Major change across the planet continues to accelerate this next month, catalyzing new levels of spiritual awakening and a greater transparency of previously hidden information. The New Moon Solar Eclipse of September 1 sets the stage for some significant cycles of beginnings and endings. These will be felt on both personal and planetary levels, people across the world receiving nature’s nudge to re-evaluate life happenstance.

New Starts and Completions

Solar eclipses characteristically catalyze new starts and completions. This is a natural cycle that impacts everyone. You don’t need to understand the planets or astrology to be affected. The energy nudge just is, whether you are aware or unconscious of it.

Since foresight is helpful on our path of spiritual awakening, allowing us to know in advance what energy we will work with, I mention planetary events like eclipses. We have two in September: Solar Eclipse September 1 and Lunar Eclipse September 16 at the Full Moon. Such days tend to be high energy – illuminating what we couldn’t see before and often indicating new pathways forward.

Being present and aware of such potentials can help you tap into helpful intuitive insights about your life and what you can do to move forward. Because of these energy potentials, the month of September is an excellent time for inner work, meditation, and healing of entrenched issues. It could feel like it’s easier to get to the root of things, finally laying a longstanding problem to rest.

Help from Mercury Retrograde

One factor helping you with life review is the Mercury Retrograde starting August 30 for three weeks. How can it help? Such cycles are a perfect time to revisit unfinished business, heal a key issue in your DNA, rewrite a business plan, consider upgrade options for your cell phone, review your future goals, and update approaches to being in the world. Example: you have long said that you want to invest in a new technology or update your physical appearance. September is a natural time to research your options.

Equinox Energy Gateway

A second helpful factor is the Equinox on September 22 when the Sun enters Libra – a powerful energy gateway that extends through that weekend. If you haven’t had the life breakthrough you seek before Equinox, that cosmic event could be just the catalyst you need. In fact, ripples of transformation energy are likely to be felt a number of days afterwards.

Tips for Success

Here are three tips for success this month. When you aren’t certain what to do on a given day, come back to these suggestions.

FIRST, regularly set your intentions for positive life changes you would like to create and ways of being you want to house. Remember that you as a divine changemaker are at the helm of your own life. Being conscious about what you want to create, and using your imagination to help create it, connects you with an unlimited storehouse of quantum potentials. Acting on what you have visualized becomes your own lightning bolt for manifestation!

SECOND, when you sense your energy has gotten stale – like from sitting too long or being isolated – get up and out of where you are. Take a walk or do something else for a bit. Get into nature or look out the window. These simple things can change your energy – like the refresh key on your computer.

THIRD, inquire within regularly to know what is shifting or needs to shift in your life. Ask for a dream or journal about this topic. Invite your higher self to reveal your highest priorities for change – things that need ending and things that need to start. Ask in a neutral way, letting spirit surprise you.

Trust that there is a higher purpose to your existence. Know that being alive now is a gift. Accept that the universe orchestrated your birth, birthplace, and birth time so that you could be an active participant in the birthing of a brand new type of world. That’s why you are here. Celebrate that.

Copyright 2016 by Selacia – globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

the earth - peace

Love from Other Side


Coping with Loss of Loved Ones
by Selacia

Loss is an intrinsic element of life, especially now. So much is changing so fast that the very fabric of your life can look different from day to day. Not all change is experienced as loss, of course, but sometimes even the idea of another change can push your stress levels over the edge.

Our ascension into higher consciousness means that much must fall away – ways of being, old methods for communicating, and nonfunctional paradigms within relationships.

All of it can tug at your heart and create worry within your mind about your present and future. Perhaps the most devastating loss to cope with, however, is that of a loved one.

Coping with Loss of Loved Ones

Advance Grieving – Grief over loss of a loved one is one of the most challenging experiences you can have. Grief in fact can occur even before a beloved person or pet dies. This is advance grieving, a kind of anticipatory grieving and part of the overall cycle of grief. For your personal spiritual transformation, you will want to honor this stage and work through things as they come up. This advance healing preparation will help you later on, at the moment of passing and well beyond.

Death of Loved Ones – The actual death of a being you love can sometimes be anticipated, but you can never know in advance exactly how you will feel and respond. Even with advance notice, you can feel shock and a kind of disassociation with reality as you process the passing.
While death is as natural as birth – impermanence being the nature of all things – in our modern society there is much fear, denial, and ignorance about death. A time is coming in humanity’s awakening when people will house the consciousness to move through the death process of someone in a present way – having made peace and feeling complete with the relationship.

Oftentimes in my healing practice how people first come to me relates to the passing or anticipated passing of a beloved person or pet. If it’s about anticipated passing, the person wants insights and healing to cope with the heart-wrenching situation. Sometimes they want specific help for the loved one near death, too, helping to ease the pain and prepare for the transition. If it’s after the passing, the person wants to know the loved one is okay and to have communications with him or her on the other side. It is quite comforting for people to learn more about circumstances of the death and to be able to telepathically communicate beyond the veil to better understand the gifts of the relationship. This helps with letting go and is validating.

Anniversary of Passing – It’s common, even years after a loved one has passed, to feel deep sadness on the anniversary of his or her death. This feeling is something to be honored, for you are honoring both the being and your relationship. Also keep this in mind: other side communications with your loved one have no expiration date. Telepathic communication beyond the veil is timeless and easily facilitated years or even decades after passing.

Love from the Other Side

As I wrote on social media this past week, the process of grieving can be quite challenging.

When someone you love passes, it can feel like you have a hole in your heart. Honor how you feel. Know, too, that you never lose them for love connects you heart-to-heart across time and dimensions. Love is the eternal bond. Love is forever.

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Break Free at Full Moon

Aquarius full moon

Break Free at Full Moon
-Steps to More Empowerment-
by Selacia

If you have been feeling like you want to break free of the status quo, this could be your week to act on those feelings. With Thursday’s Aquarius Full Moon and some other helpful energy in the air, it could be easier to take some new and bolder steps. In this article I provide suggested actions that could shift you out of neutral and into forward.

For most people, this has not been an easy or simple year. It’s been common to have unexpected delays and confusing moments. So much is going on and many more in-the-background factors influenced progress.

Dream Time Processing

During your dream time and inner work process, you have been processing a vast canvas of energy. Most likely, you are aware of some themes as they reflect issues that have come up for resolution. You have become conscious of those.

Know, however, that one reason you could sometimes feel heavy is that you are also processing interconnected issues – so far outside your awareness that they are not apparent. Some of these relate to past lives, others relate to discordant planetary energies you incarnated to help heal. This additional level is being mentioned here so that you have perspective about why you sometimes feel things so deeply.

Remember: you are a quantum multidimensional being with many lifetimes before this one and a soul destiny involving Earth’s ascension.

Divine Changemaker Role

No one day will be all good or all bad. That’s linear thinking. Energy can shift like a lightning bolt, at any moment, for it is always in motion. Your role as a divine changemaker is to learn how to ride the energy waves, utilizing both positive cycles and challenging cycles for your spiritual growth. Whatever the energy is, your response to it becomes your path.

For this week through the weekend, some nice surprises could be unfolding. Examples: creative juices could be amplified, making connection with others could be easier, and risk taking could be less scary.

Steps to More Empowerment

Benefit from this week’s energy with these simple actions.

FIRST, stay grounded and invite inner wisdom about how to break free of your status quo. Be open to the larger view spirit has. This means being willing to see beyond what you already know about yourself. Spirit may show you suggested changes in areas you don’t suspect.

SECOND, give yourself more personal quiet time than you typically experience. Ideally this is a combination of solo self-reflection and some group meditative experience that can be very powerful during this Aquarius Full Moon cycle.

THIRD, inquire within and ask: “What is the one thing that as I take action to address it now, can be the key catalyst I’ve needed for a more fulfilling life?”

Your biggest breakthroughs can come when you feel the most challenged, yet you apply unwavering dedication and perseverance. The key is being willing to take each step as it is presented, letting go of having to know what the next step will be. With each step know that spirit is always with you.

Copyright 2016 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

Aquarius full moon

Words Matter

Hiroshima 8.6.1945 atomic bombing

Words Matter More Now
-What Makes These Moments Unique-
by Selacia

There is an increased sense of urgency being felt across the world now. Most likely you feel it deep in your bones. Humanity’s ways of co-existing are up for perhaps the biggest review yet. And thanks to technology and the 24/7 flow of information, each of us has a front-row seat of this review.

71 Years: Hiroshima and Nagasaki

We are reminded that this week marks 71 years since more than 200,000 people were killed by the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At the same time, despite what the world learned from that tragedy and real progress in abolishing nuclear weapons, we hear about individuals and governments continuing to favor the nuclear option.

This is just one key example of the war of ideas taking place across the world. These are not the old fashioned kind of wars our ancestors fought over resources. They are based on ideas and proliferated with highly-charged words that evoke emotion. Continue reading to learn what this means for you personally.

Global Melting Pot of Language and Culture

You live immersed in a global melting pot of language and culture. Regardless of where you call home, technology connects you daily with a rich flow of ideas. These ideas are communicated through words and images that when translated across cultures can have widely different meanings. In addition, behind the words can be motivations that are far from loving. Words can be used to manipulate and control without people suspecting. We have many examples in history of how the masses in a country were lured by charismatic words.

Here’s something else to consider. In these times of cyber warfare, you don’t need to leave your home country to be subject to manipulative messages from foreign governments.

Your Divine Changemaker Role

Part of your role as a divine changemaker is to become more aware of the subtleties involved with the intake of information. Words are more than just words. In the battle of ideas, words can become a powerful force of change.

They can assist with awakening, help to create peace, or inform people of big-picture issues. A simple phrase can be so memorable and impactful that it opens people’s hearts and minds to more enlightened approaches.

A string of words – taken out of context or containing both truths and untruths – can be taken literally by an unsuspecting populace. This is especially true in modern times when so many people get their news online and don’t take the time to fully investigate things.

Words also can numb the masses, ignite fear, turn people against each other, suppress truth, or create dictatorial regimes.

Words can have more impact in modern times, too, simply because of our 24/7 news cycles. Repetition of ideas, including the media spin on facts, can create illusions of truth. These distorted ideas move beyond the media channels and into the mass consciousness and the very fabric of society. This means that even people who take in little or no news can be exposed to distortions of truth.

Idea Manipulation

Ideas you take in can be distorted by the words themselves, the emotional undercurrent, what is left out, and what kind of facts are involved.

The war of ideas is complex to understand. At a core level, however, there are some very simple guidelines you can apply to the intake of information.

5 Tips for Discernment

Here are five things you can do to be more fully informed and discern what you are taking in from the world.

First, set your intention to become more present and focused as you take in messages from the world. That may seem obvious, but in our fast-paced world with constant input, setting this intention really can help. Sound bites digested when you are multitasking, and then acted upon, can lead to regrets later. Just like driving while texting can have dire consequences, taking in messages when you are upset or just not present can leave you with false impressions of reality.

Second, pay closer attention to the tone of the words you are hearing or reading. Do they evoke emotion, and if so, what? Do you sense any incongruity in the words? Do the words fall into a familiar pattern you are seeing elsewhere? Do the facts behind the words check out?

Third, get really grounded, calm, and in your heart – then ask within to know whether what you are hearing or reading seems authentic. Does the person saying it seem to have integrity and a caring character? What do you sense the big-picture motivation is behind the words?

Fourth, considering that words can be divisive, evaluate them on deeper levels. Does the message serve as a distraction from real issues? Is it confusing? Does it seem black and white? Does the message leave you feeling angry and without a solution?

Fifth, expand your sources of information so you aren’t getting everything from one place. Listen to more than one side of things before deciding what to believe and what action to take. Question what you have decided to believe and why you think it’s true.

In summary, it’s helpful to daily come back to the big picture of why you are alive now. You are a divine changemaker, and that role alone sets you apart from the masses not yet awakened. Embrace this role. Embrace and live your own vision for a more loving world. Know that your life, your energy, and your actions matter. Know that you are loved, lovable, and capable of modeling unconditional love in the world.

Copyright 2016 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

Hiroshima 8.6.1945 atomic bombing
Hiroshima Japan

August Opportunities

DNA images in space

Navigate August Opportunities

-Stepping Into a New Crossroads-

by Selacia

As the energies in August heat up and intensify, it will be more important than ever to find your center and apply intuitively guided reason. You cannot afford to take things at face value or make quick judgments without researching all the facts. The world is not as it appears and things are changing at lightning speed.

In fact, with so much happening all at once, if you are not present you could miss opportunities and make decisions that you will regret later. Continue reading to learn more about what we face and how you can not only find your calm zone but thrive during this important phase of awakening happening across the world.

Understanding the Path to Now

If you are like most of us, you may already be weary of the relentless pace of intensity and change since 2016 began. You may have moments of simply wanting to stop the world, think of nothing, and do nothing. That’s understandable.

This phase is not easy or simple, regardless of your awareness and substantial preparations to get to this point. As a divine changemaker, however, you did not sign up for easy or simple. You are a quantum and vast being, with countless types of trainings and experiences over the ages to prepare you for your current role.

You are encoded to be here! You are wired at a DNA level to be at the forefront of things, even when the world gets scary or crazy or just plain stupid. Your role is to courageously face what is in front of you and respond in a heart-centered way. Your role is to model for others how the new human faces uncertainty and relentless change. You do that by drawing upon what you already know and discovering additional tools specifically tailored to these unique moments.

One thing that gives you strength is remembering that this is not your first time here. If you had a resume with all that you as a soul had experienced and mastered, you would be in awe!

Most likely you were alive during other key flash points humanity experienced during ancient times. Places and civilizations involved included:  Egypt, Turkey, the Holy Land, Greece, the Inca, the Maya, Tibet, India, China, Atlantis, and Lemuria.

What I’m seeing now in my work with people is a huge momentum of remembering – men and women connecting with a knowing of having been on Earth during some of the earlier great civilizations. Sometimes how they begin to remember is through their children, for the kids being born now have fewer veils on their intuitive gifts. A six-year-old child may all of a sudden say: “Remember mommy when we went to that place in Turkey, that place they are showing on TV?”

Stepping Into a New Crossroads

Keeping this long history in mind, it can be easier to face new rounds of change and the countless unknowable factors of these moments.

The August energies are setting the stage for what will be a series of new crossroads humanity must move through between now and end-year. At each point along the way, we are being tested. When we become still and listen, we are shown by our intuitive guidance just how important this time is. We are reminded that there is a higher view to each and every piece of nonsense unfolding. We are nudged by spirit to go deeper and look for truth at a higher level.

As you may remember, my “2016 Predictions” article was about themes of truth and justice taking center stage. Those themes of course won’t disappear after 2016, but this year is the time when these crucial issues are getting a huge cosmic spotlight. That spotlight is essential, as uncomfortable as it is, for a radical revolution of consciousness to be seeded and begin to unfold.

You are an essential part of this revolution!

Navigating August Cycles

For optimal success this month, become aware of key energy dates and learn more about how you personally are impacted by the ups-and-downs of planetary cycles. As an example, even an intense moon cycle stirring strong emotions can be a time of significant breakthroughs. You may meet an important person or see the culmination of efforts you first initiated months earlier.

To remain stable and connected to your inner voice it’s helpful to get and stay aware of energies impacting the world. We are energetic beings, after all, being impacted by flows of energy that affect humanity in a universal way. Your success comes from being able to sense this larger dynamic when you are going about your personal life, doing business, and making plans.

A devastation or crisis in one place can send energetic ripples across the world. Even those unaware of these energies can feel tension or sadness. That’s because we’re now connected 24/7 through technology and we also share humanity’s mass consciousness.

Take regular time-outs with meditation and self-care so that you can stay resourced. You will need both your inner and outer strength for the mega transitions unfolding over the next two months.

August Moon Watch

August 2 – Leo New Moon: This is a time to refocus your self-care and listen to your heart on a deeper level than before. Most likely, there is something your heart has been trying to tell you for a while now. As you listen more deeply, you may just find the insights needed to break through a key roadblock. You can start today with some powerful New Moon intentions. Make a list of five specific things, say them out loud to yourself, then put the list next to where you sleep.

August 18 – Aquarius Full Moon: During this cycle, extending into the weekend, you may find yourself seeking to enlarge your circle of like-minded people. After all, you are not meant to travel your path alone! Other potentials include getting in touch with the final piece of a puzzle that you haven’t been able to resolve, perhaps all of your life or even lifetimes. It may involve a DNA-level pattern inherited from your ancestors, too. Know that whatever is appearing is key to your forward progression and that resolving it now within the DNA can make a huge difference in your life.

Mercury Retrograde – August 30

Just before August ends we have a three week Mercury Retrograde starting on the 30th.  Watch for time warps beyond the norm. Pay extra attention to details and apply discriminating wisdom to what you take in from the world. Some things that may have seemed completed may reappear for another review. It’s an excellent time to review your goals, revisit self-care, and investigate adjustments you can make in how you position yourself in the world.

With all of these energies in the mix, do your best in August to be present and awake to yourself and the world. You are not here as a bystander. Give yourself permission to look deeply at things. Know that it’s okay to make “mistakes” as you do what no one has done before. Believe in yourself and in your divine changemaker role. Trust as you walk your path that you are being guided by something much larger than you. Know that you are loved, no matter what happens.

Copyright 2016 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

DNA images in space

July Madness Tips

full moon LA beach

July Madness Tips
Full Moon Week Higher View
by Selacia

The week of a Full Moon is when you want to have your discernment antenna turned on “high alert.” Things tend to get amplified and regular life dramas tend to be expanded upon. Also, the craziness of the world, amplified beyond the usual, is impacting people on a personal level, adding to the intensity people are feeling. These amplifications are not really that unusual, but these are unusual times. Old norms often have little application during these moments.

Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon peaks July 19 as it sits in Capricorn. This particular cycle is stirring issues of mastering this physical reality. It is also catalyzing people to self-reflect on things like life foundation, balance, and expanding views on limitations. Another key thing about this cycle is that its impact is likely to be felt for more days than usual, in part because of how connected we all are and types of universal themes surfacing within the collective.

As I’ve been writing about on social media, the pace and extent of dramas is likely to accelerate even more now as we step into Tuesday’s Full Moon energy and a host of high-profile debates involving politics, culture, injustices, and how we live on this small planet. I’ve been suggesting that we walk gently and with love. Easier said than done, of course. Read on to find out what else each of us can do to navigate these energies.

Fluctuations: Focus, Energy, Time

One feature of this week is the potential for wide fluctuations. For example, between now and Thursday you may find yourself needing to pay extra attention and make extra effort to complete tasks. It may feel like time disappeared when you need to get things done. Your focus may dart all over the place. Don’t take this personally – this is much more than you. Everyone is affected by the planetary dance of challenges along with the Full Moon. Breathe.

Self-Monitor Communications

Communications are amplified now. Be an example of heart-centered communications, doing your best to self-monitor words when you are emotional or just very passionate about something.

There’s lots of fiery energy in the air. Count to 10 before you respond to upsetting or unsettling events. Loved ones may act out of character, strangers may do strange things. Do your best to remain the calm voice of reason within your circles.

Feel you reached a breaking point with someone and strong words must be said no matter what? Current energies could be stirring some very passionate feelings, so factor that in before you make your declarations. Invite your wise self to guide you with optimal words, timings, and delivery. Sometimes journaling about your feelings or speaking them in the air when you are alone helps take the edge off – then you can say things in a more loving way.

Bigger Picture Positives

One way to find your calm zone more quickly now is to remember as unusual things are unfolding quickly that there is a larger picture to the world’s remake. Much is happening behind the scenes and humanity’s ascension is speeding up exponentially!

Yes, the drama you are seeing played out in the news is crazy and you don’t want to subject yourself to repeated replays of sound bites. However, avoid the temptation to numb the senses or purposefully tune out as we sit in some of the most challenging moments to be alive. Many things just won’t make sense. Other things you may simply wish you didn’t know about, they are so weird or horrible. Still, your wise self knows you must stay conscious and aware in order to benefit from the gifts of these times and to help others.

Be an example of the multidimensional self you are too. This means avoid black-and-white thinking and responses to dramas being played out on the world stage. As the tempo of weirdness is turned up this week, stay in your center so that you as a being can benefit. You are not here to simply watch a show or comment on what is being said. You are alive now in these particular moments to be an integral part of the planet’s awakening.

As a reminder, the outer world is not random but a reflection of the inner state of humanity. Use each round of craziness and whatever personal response you have to go within and discover what from any lifetime is being triggered so you can work on and clear this at a DNA level. Each time you address an issue in your DNA, you help your own awakening and assist in a healing of the collective. All of us carry old dysfunctional patterns from humanity’s long past. Each time we personally clear something that’s also in the collective, we add to the momentum of humanity’s ascension.

Friday – Weekend Good News

On Friday we have some good news! The Sun then moves into the sign of Leo for the coming month, and it can feel like the sun came out on a dark day – literally. Self-confidence may get a boost, and you may have more energy and stamina to get things done. This is a fortuitous time, therefore, to allow yourself and your gifts to shine and to use your creativity to break through what seemed impenetrable before!

On the weekend – even with the backdrop of continuing outer world combative vibes – we have some helpful cosmic energy supportive of teamwork, cooperation, partnerships, heart openings, and creative approaches. Use this foresight to enhance your life potentials and joy.

Spirit is always with you, helping you to make sense of your Earthly experience. Tune into this help regularly so that you can soar above the chaos and find comfort when nothing makes sense.

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Divine Changemakers Power Up

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Divine Changemakers Power Up
Rethinking Your True Potentials
by Selacia

With planetary energies now more supportive of taking action, don’t be surprised if you feel more confident to take steps you couldn’t take before. Tip: be present, positive, and unbound by past attempts to achieve goals. Now is new!

In this article, I address some of the challenges of being alive as a conscious being in these moments. As you know these are not ordinary times, and each of us is being called to connect with our extraordinary light-filled selves.

Wake Up for Divine Changemakers

It is vital that we increasingly embody what we have learned and what we know to be true about our real power to create. Divine changemakers like us across this planet are waking up to truths long hidden and rediscovering our divine quantum nature.

At this vital stage, our awakening must be more than ideas and words. We must embrace our own power and use it constructively to help change our world. No one is going to do this for us. We are the ones here to lead by example. We must find practical day-to-day outlets to use our gifts and awareness – applying what we know within our hearts.

As I wrote about recently, July is a foundational ground for anchoring more of your heart-felt wishes into physical form. What you set in motion this month will set the stage for a much more expanded canvas of opportunities and progression in the weeks ahead.

Sometimes when the world is in turmoil there’s a tendency to either get distracted or just off track. Motivation can be hard to come by, or if it’s there, the outer world dramas can be so consuming to process that desired personal actions are delayed.

Yes, we are quantum, but we still live within the constructs of time to schedule meetings and take care of business. And yes, we do care about the world’s atrocities like those in Dallas, Orlando, and countless other places. However, we must become skilled in managing our energy and time so that our higher purposes are not overshadowed by the world’s parade of dramas.

Avoid the Wave of Fear

There is a wave of fear moving across this world in these times of great change. Avoid jumping into that wave by staying in your heart and applying love in all situations. Love is more powerful than any atrocity you are witnessing now. It is the force that will set you and humanity free. If you are not sure what to put your faith in right now, focus on the power of love and the miracles it creates.

Do not let the world’s division and darkness convince you that humanity is doomed. Lift your mind above the smoke and mirrors of delusion to remember your divine nature and your true power to create a reality based on love.

Responding to Current Energies

Energies now are more supportive of taking the positive actions you have longed to take. Simultaneously, cosmic forces will stir some challenges in the following areas. Having foresight about these trends can help you navigate the ups-and-downs of our current cycle.

Boundaries and Balance: the question here is whether you can maintain appropriate boundaries and balance as you relate to others. One way to gauge this is to consider whether you go out of your way to be fair to others but leave yourself out of the equation. For most people, this is a juggling act, and especially for women who are conditioned to be the endless nurturers of others.

Neutrality: with energies stirring a host of power games and manipulation, your challenge is to stay neutral and avoid reacting when others either project their own issues or use passive-aggressive ploys as a means of control. Easier said than done, of course, but your wise divine changemaker self is developing mastery in this arena.

Staying Centered: during some roller-coaster energies unfolding this week, you may be challenged to find and hold your center point. Extreme emotional highs may be followed by lows, especially if you feel that your needs are not being met or that you are not being heard. For optimal outcomes, come back to your center often and regroup – count to 10 or even 100 if you need to, before making the next move.

Keep in mind the big picture of why you are alive now. Come back to that daily. Remind yourself of the boundless support you truly have as you walk the Earth. You are never alone or abandoned.

On an energetic level, you walk with countless helpful beings – some in human or animal form, others from the realms of spirit. What you will discover eventually is that regardless of where or how you live, there are other divine changemakers like you who have shared your long journey to get to this pivotal juncture. Some day you will reunite with all of them in a most amazing dance of celebration of the light each of you embody.

Copyright 2016 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

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July Navigation Tips

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July Navigation Tips
-Staying in Balance So You Can Soar!-
by Selacia

We have a helpful shift in cosmic energies in July, thanks in part to the action planet Mars going direct this week and a new more positive momentum beginning to unfold. Stay tuned for some different opportunities coming your way!

In this article I give you an overview of this coming month and how to work most productively with our shift in energies. As you read, invite your intuitive knowing to connect you with what is most relevant to you.

Remember that anytime we have a change in energies it can take a bit before we see the full impact. Therefore, stay present and patient during the first half of July as the helpful energies build. Trust that even in a building phase, much can be happening behind the scenes.

Your task this month is to remain in balance and in your heart, even as the world continues its crazy dance of disharmony and disunity. Don’t be surprised if the tempo of disruption quickens, or if the parade of untruths continues. The majority of humanity is operating out of fear. As increasing numbers of disenfranchised people get caught up in fear, it’s going to get loud and messy.

Staying in Balance So You Can Soar

Think of July as a foundational ground for anchoring more of your heart felt wishes into physical form. This could be brand-new things, stalled projects, or even innovative directions you haven’t yet envisioned.

Staying in touch with your heart will help you stay on track. Keep in mind that some of your heart’s wishes may still be a mystery to you. Why? It could be because you either haven’t heard them or you haven’t thought big enough to get the whole picture.

Your heart is not linear – it is quantum. The ideas and things your heart wants are fueled by spirit. That brings a whole new energy and potential to your life and your purpose for being here now. With this energy at your back, you indeed can soar and create incredible miracles.

Using the Chaos as Positive Fuel

An interesting way to look at our current chaos is to realize that you can use it as positive fuel for your own spiritual growth and forward momentum.

How do you do this?

One way is to build more inner strength and more self-trust. An uncertain world tends to bring up fears and concerns about what will happen next. Each time you encounter this, challenge your response. Go deep within to your core, the part of you that knows truth. Ask for validations from your outer world – including from those you feel aligned to work with – showing you the amazing strength you naturally house within.

A second way is to reframe the chaos you see in the world. This happens when you step back long enough to remember the larger picture of polarity and power mongering. These themes have been with humanity for thousands of years. Does this mean people are incapable of love and co-existing on Earth? No, of course not. You know this instinctively because you are consciously moving through the planet’s rebirthing – and you hold a vision of a much different kind of world. Come back to that vision daily.

A third way you can advance despite the chaos is to dive deeper into self-reflection. Learn more about your larger purposes for being alive now. There are countless methods for doing this. One very useful tool is to explore your personal astrology and see how it lines up with collective themes. Your astrology, including your birth chart as a map to unique features of this incarnation, can help you broaden your sense of self. Knowing what harmony you have to work with for your life path is an essential piece of self-discovery. Understanding where you have the most power, too, can help you define your life path.

A fourth way to advance during chaos is to be aware of world events without getting drawn into the drama. The world needs your compassion, your neutrality, and your continual striving to be loving. Stay informed, and do what you can daily to add your light to the dance of change. Examples of events unfolding in July on the world stage: Brexit (the June 23 decision in Britain to leave the European Union), the US political conventions (Republican July 18-21 in Cleveland and Democrat July 25-28 in Philadelphia).

July Moon Watch

Moon cycles can catalyze spiritual openings, involve amplified energy, and fuel emotions.
July 4 – America’s Independence Day – is a Cancer New Moon.
July 19 is a Capricorn Full Moon, likely to shed light on needed changes.

Signs and Reminders to Ask For Now

Ask your higher self to help guide you in preparation for your next big leap. Ask for signs and reminders that keep you focused and on track. Examples are below.

Show me signs something new is percolating.
Give me validations about people key to my path.
Remind me when I get ahead of myself – so I can be “in time” and receive the fruits of the now.

Copyright 2016 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

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