Connect with the Masters

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Connect with the Masters
-Why 2016 Wesak is Important for You-

by Selacia

Feeling like your train got derailed or like your train is just out of sync with its usual schedule?
You can thank our current duo of retrogrades – Mercury and Mars – for some of this disarray. Both communications and forward movement are impacted right now. Knowing we have those pesky cosmic energies at play can help you take snafus less personally. Besides, there is some very good news I’ll describe here.

First of all, while the Mars retrograde continues until June 29, Mercury goes direct a week from now during Wesak weekend. We also have some helpful energy in the mix for this coming week – like a Sun-Moon trine May 16 that can help you take care of things that need to be done. This, combined with the Sun entering Gemini at the end of next week, can feel like a welcome cool breeze on a hot day.

Wesak Full Moon

This helps set the stage for our powerful Sagittarius Full Moon May 21 for Wesak. A key element of the Wesak Full Moon is mega transformation combined with a blast of light into dark corners where illumination must occur for positive change. This is on both a personal and planetary level – something to be aware of and take advantage of while the window is open.

This year’s Wesak couldn’t come at a better time. Our world is in chaos. Things we thought were certain before now have become question marks. At the same time, light is shining on dysfunctions of all kinds and more people are waking up to injustices, inefficiencies, and income disparities.

These things impact everyone, for on a spiritual level even the wealthy and power elite are only temporarily immune from some sufferings most people endure. Yes, they can insulate themselves with money and feel above it all. However, the elite as eternal beings are responsible for karmic implications of actions that dishonor humanity and the Earth. There is no curtain to hide behind.

Why 2016 Wesak is Important for You

Each year around this time we celebrate Wesak. This is when the Buddha became enlightened and also when we remember and connect with other Ascended Masters who long ago set the template for enlightenment on Earth.

Buddha, believed to have lived from 560 to 480 B.C., incarnated in India during a century of great turmoil. He is among many beings born on Earth during dark times. The name Buddha simply means enlightened one. Other enlightened Masters include the Christ, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and Tapihritsa.

As I’ve written about recently, the entire Wesak season is a time of immense blessings and potentials to accelerate your ascension and become free of very old patterns causing you suffering. However, Wesak weekend – with the actual celebration May 21 – is a key activation time. Taking part in this in a tangible way can truly jumpstart your life, in both practical and spiritual ways!

Celebrating has nothing to do with religion. The Buddha and others attained enlightenment by learning to remember their true nature, which is divine. At the core of every human on Earth is this divine spark – it is in your DNA.

Ascended Masters at Wesak celebrate their own enlightenment and also shower humanity with vast blessings to help people achieve self-realization. The site of the inner planes celebration is in the sacred Wesak Valley of Tibet. People with inner sight who have attended a Wesak event have seen Buddha’s image in the sky. Interactions with other Ascended Masters in the Wesak Valley can open a huge door of enlightenment potentials. In the days and weeks that follow, people often notice big shifts in their life.

To prevail and thrive in today’s world, it takes a growing bond and tangible connection to spirit. Worldly markers like your bank account or online popularity are temporary. You are an eternal divine being having incarnated now for a unique purpose.

Divine Changemakers

Part of that is to be a divine changemaker, on the leading edge of change and pioneering new ways of being.

The corresponding part is to be alive in circumstances fortunate for becoming enlightened. This is no accident and you must make the most of this precious opportunity. Through a series of past lives, you as a soul have placed yourself in a fortunate situation. You may not always recognize it as such, but it is true. Honor yourself, your soul, and your long journey to get to this juncture by taking advantage of this opportunity.

Remind yourself daily: “I am divine. I have the potential of becoming enlightened this life. I can connect with available blessings and energy of Ascended Masters to help show me the way. I will avail myself of opportunities I sense will help me stay grounded, connected to spirit, and hold an unwavering single-pointed vision on the enlightenment path.”

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a golden buddha

Ascended Master Blessings

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Ascended Master Blessings
-Ascended Masters and You Across Time-

by Selacia

Ascended Masters you first knew lifetimes ago could be around you again now. Why? First, it’s Wesak season when such beings interact with humanity in more tangible ways. Second, because of your spiritual path this lifetime, you are awakening to long bonds with key Ascended Masters.

These bonds are not related to religion or your religious training in this or previous lives. The beings like Jesus and Kuan Yin who became enlightened were not focused on creating a religion.
The level of enlightenment they reached transcends all human-constructed religions. There is no dogma, no punishment, no exclusion, no separation, and above all no fear.

Ascended masters do not set themselves on a pedestal. They were human, evolving into an ascended state over time through a series of spiritual transformations. Even now, these beings continue to ascend into higher states of being. Being of service is one way they evolve.

Past Lives and Ascended Masters

There are countless ascended beings and many of them are little known outside relatively small esoteric circles. Yes, there are well-known Masters like Jesus and the Buddha. Tapihritsa, however, is an example of a being known mostly in Tibetan Bon Buddhist circles. An ordinary Tibetan, in the 8th Century he became fully realized and achieved the Rainbow Body of Enlightenment, leaving no physical remains.

Most enlightened beings lived very long ago, coming from diverse traditions and parts of the world. Given your own series of past lives, chances are that you were introduced to teachings of one or more beings that today we refer to as Ascended Masters. Wherever you were born this life, consider that you likely had past lives in places like the Far East, the Middle East, and Egypt. It could have been in one of those lifetimes that you first formed a spiritual bond with a being like Kuan Yin or Buddha.

Relevance for Today

Why are these past connections important now? The times we live in are challenging. Much is at stake for each of us personally and for the future of our planet. We are spiritual beings at our core, and to prevail we must connect with the higher aspect of ourselves. This means the part of us grounded in our spiritual selves – that part of us that is eternal and transcends time. We must learn to become integrated whole beings that can rise above division and separation to express love.

Our enlightenment journey in many ways is a solo one. However, we are not meant to journey alone. We in fact progress more quickly when we reach out for help and guidance. Pride must be put aside if we are to grow.

Just like a best friend who helps you laugh and get things in perspective when things get rocky, spiritual guides can help you stay on course.

While there are many kinds of spiritual guides, Ascended Masters can be very helpful allies. They can help you see where you are stuck. They can nudge you to change course when you are about to go down an unfruitful path. Vast blessings can unfold when you open yourself to this assistance.

Tools to Connect

To connect with an Ascended Master guide this Wesak season, begin with what you know and what you sense. You are intuitive, after all, and you may recall resonating strongly with a particular guide. If you feel a connection when you hear the name Kuan Yin, trust that.

During inner contemplation and meditation process, invite an awareness of your guide. You could request it by asking for Kuan Yin or the most appropriate guide. Allow spirit to orchestrate.

Remember that the veils between dimensions are thinner during Wesak season. Use this time, therefore, to mindfully connect with spirit and the help of specific spirit guides. They don’t have to be Ascended Masters, of course, but consider inviting in that help as well.

Attending events focused on Wesak or the Ascended Masters can help you go even deeper with your connections – building a bond of trust and confidence. There is a learned human tendency to doubt what one knows and what one senses from spirit. Sometimes it can feel like you are just making things up or that it’s just your own voice validating what you want to hear. Question those feelings when you have them. Ask to know truth and to honor truth when you hear it.

Trust that the enlightened beings who walked the Earth before know your challenges. They know where you sit now, and how confusing it can be to navigate the unknowns of these times. Trust that your spiritual support team is right beside you. If you pay attention, you will notice their nudges and reminders of how much you are loved. Hold those jewels inside your heart this Wesak season.

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Accelerate Ascension

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Accelerate Your Ascension in May 2016
Connecting with Wesak Season Blessings

by Selacia

The month of May can be a very potent time with Wesak season blessings in the air and more energetic support for connecting with spirit and your inner wisdom. Yes, we are in review mode because of both Mars and Mercury being retrograde. That review however can be just the catalyst needed to break free of longstanding limitations! In this article, I’ll outline a few ways you can use the May energies to accelerate your ascension, propelling your enlightenment to a whole new level.

Wesak Season Blessings

As a reminder, Wesak is an annual celebration of enlightenment. It’s your opportunity each year to connect with an expanded level of spiritual assistance made available when Masters like the Buddha, Jesus, and Kuan Yin interact with humanity in a more tangible way. The Masters who came before provided a template for enlightenment, reminding us that we have the same potential they did.

You carry seeds of this potential within your DNA, meaning it’s naturally within you. As part of the ascension process, more of this potential is cultivated and ripens. During the window of the annual Wesak season this can be accelerated as there are fewer veils between humanity and the spiritual dimensions. This helps facilitate an interchange of energies, blessings, and spiritual insights from the Masters.

For the most tangible experiences, be mindful of these energies and invite a personal connection. Specific examples include attending an actual Wesak meditation to connect with the Masters. Dream work can be very beneficial too. Even if you seldom remember your dreams, set intentions ahead of sleep to connect with helpful insights and energy clearings. Remember: blessings can come in many forms and when you least suspect. Be open-hearted and available.

Slow Going – In Your Imagination or What?

Time warps may be common this month due to the retrograde cycle. Don’t be surprised if you mix up dates or forget some other detail involving timing. Your sense of time may simply be off, or you may become uncharacteristically spacey. Most likely your brain and memory are just fine, but the energies can throw you off. Allow for this and do your best to get and stay grounded.

Retrogrades can have you feeling like nothing is happening. Don’t allow your mind to go there. Plenty of progress can occur during a retrograde. Stay active and do your inner work and life retooling to set new more workable foundations. A life rework may not look like much while it’s under way, but it can be power-packed and juicy for your next steps. While your reworking is taking place, ask deeper questions and allow for regeneration. You want to have plenty of energy for what’s coming next! Meanwhile know you aren’t actually standing still, even if your mind perceives little movement.

Moon Watch

Watch for May 6 New Moon and May 21 Full Moon – two times of potential amplified blessings and a jump start for your life. The Full Moon lands on our Wesak Celebration with the Masters too, making it an extra special day and weekend.

3 Questions to Ask Now

Accelerate your ascension process by regularly asking yourself the following questions. You can ask them in a general way, as though directing them to the Universe for response, then paying attention to what shows up. You can ask them before sleep. You can include them in your regular daily inner work process, as a bonus tool for this year’s Wesak season. Asking sets in motion a response.

What am I not seeing that gets in the way of my spiritual progress?
What key pattern or approach needs to change before I can take my next big step?
How can I be more loving and kind – to myself and others?

Insights from these three key questions can open up a vast reservoir of positive energies. As you begin to act on them, amazing miracles can unfold.

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Full Moon Blessings

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Creating and Receiving Blessings at 4/21 Full Moon

by Selacia

Full Moons can be powerful times of personal growth, breakthroughs, and celebrations. At times like the April 21-22 Scorpio Full Moon, you may notice energies are more intense and amplified. Emotions, perhaps normally under wraps, tend to come to the surface. You could be over-the-top joyful and fire-hot angry, all in one day.

Full Moon Spotlight

There’s a spotlight on things around this time, bringing to awareness details of things. Insights can be profound – whether from dreams, meditation, simple inner inquiry, or observation. Solutions can come to you, seemingly from out of nowhere, helping you to make life shifts or heal difficult situations.

Many people feel an expanded energy for several days in advance and afterwards. While it’s common to feel on overload when things get intense, don’t overlook the blessings of this monthly cycle. Right now in particular, with everything else going on, it can be very useful to focus on potential blessings you can create and receive at this Full Moon.

Full Moon Blessings Tips

Applying these tips over the next few days can help you create optimal energies and outcomes. When you are in optimal flow, you are a better magnet for blessings.

You: to receive available blessings, keep yourself in the picture. You are at the helm of your creations after all, and that includes managing your own energy so you are open and available to receive from the universe. As a divine changemaker you remember your role at the helm of creating positive change. Continually strive to embody this role more fully.

Space: insights and breakthroughs can come more easily when your inner and outer space is clear and uncluttered. Even one key insight you didn’t have before could lead to huge blessings in your life! Manage your inner space with regular stillness, meditation, and contemplation. These states are more easily accessed when you turn off your runaway mind with its repetitive thoughts about the past and future. Manage your outer space with a combination of decluttering and choosing the circumstances of how you spend your time. Know that you choose who or what you let in during personal time – consciously or unconsciously. Even an unconscious choice to allow unnecessary distractions is a choice and can impact your ability to be still.

Windows: use the potency of this Full Moon to benefit from windows of opportunity. At times like this, those windows can open wide so you want to be awake to them. Keep in mind that some opportunities may be some sort of lesson in disguise – something your soul wants you to see or move through to get to the next window that has amazing blessings. When you consider things that way, even the preparatory window is a blessing. In other circumstances, your window may actually be associated with a huge blessing on its own, arising from recent struggles now being transformed into a wondrous gift. Still other windows of opportunity can come like a lightning bolt. Blessings like this are sometimes missed because the person was not present and did not expect something to happen. As an example, a man could meet his soulmate when out with friends but not connect the dots.

Considering the above factors, do your best to be consciously in charge of yourself and surroundings over the next few days. That sounds so easy, of course, but in practice it indeed is a developing skill. Trust that you are encoded as a divine changemaker to become a master of such skills. Know that you have abundant resources to create blessings and to be a blessing to the world.

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April Tune Up

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April Tune Up
Expand Your View of Yourself

by Selacia

We’re headed into some tricky energy territory over the next several weeks. Between the 10-week Mars Retrograde starting April 17 and 3-week Mercury Retrograde beginning April 28, you will want to become mindful of potential challenges as well as remedies. Knowing about the beneficial energies available during this cycle will help you too. Foresight about these things will help you to soar above troubles that appear along the path.

Intend right now that you will bring your conscious heart-centered self into all things. This includes self-talk, communications with others, time-sensitive projects, and actions to bring your light into the world.

Background on Impacts

In the last couple of years even people not typically impacted by energy cycles are feeling the ups-and-downs. It’s a palpable experience, even for those without a conscious reference point to put things in perspective. This is important to understand as you move through the next several weeks. Many people around you, including perhaps loved ones or coworkers, will be feeling these intense energies. Don’t be surprised if tempers rise more visibly and people voice opinions they usually would keep to themselves. It could get messy, even volatile. Allow for that. Be kind.

Mars: this is a planet of action, initiative, motivation, goals, and self-identity. Planetary cycles of Mars impact everyone. A retrograde can be especially challenging when you are in a hurry to get something important completed or when you are unclear about your overall purpose or direction. There’s a flip side however. These retrograde cycles are really the perfect time to self-assess, looking more deeply at your motivations and notions of success. It’s quite helpful to give yourself a tune-up during this time, asking deeper questions about where you are headed, why you want to go there, and what success will look like when you arrive. A very fruitful process!

Mercury: this is a planet of communications, technology, and messages sent or received. Whatever cycle Mercury is in will impact you daily because your very existence is experienced through your senses and messages coming from a plethora of places and dimensions. Mercury is like your nonstop antenna to self and the world. That antenna operates even during sleep via your dreams. When Mercury goes retrograde, you could feel like your timing is off or slowed. You may miss meetings altogether. Communications you send out may seem to go into a wormhole. Deadlines you set may seem elusive, as though the timing you established has mysteriously moved ahead.

One reason you may feel more effects of these upcoming retrogrades is that we don’t often have Mars and Mercury simultaneously in retrograde. Mars only has that cycle each two years. Experiencing both planets in retrograde, therefore, means extra amounts of intensity.

Tips for Divine Changemakers

Use this upcoming period to ask yourself deeper questions, do inner work, and reevaluate approaches. As you do this, you may invent a new way to do something or discover a simple solution to a problem that has eluded resolution for years!

To move through this cycle with fewer re-dos, approach your tasks slowly and patiently. That’s easier said than done of course, but well worth the effort. If something is not moving, change your irritation into patience by trusting there is a reason for delays. Invite your inner wisdom to help you see beyond the delays, using some of the seemingly wasted time to reassess goals and approaches.

A good question to ask daily: “What am I missing or not seeing that relates to my success?”

Consider that this cycle is a perfect time to expand your view of the identity you hold for yourself. Do this even if you recently had a major life overhaul. We are vast multidimensional beings, and as such, must continually update our energies. This includes the very foundational piece of looking at our self-identity and what motivates us to get up each day and do what we do.

Wesak season: Coming up in May is the annual Wesak season with its abundant blessings and connections with the masters like Kuan Yin and Buddha who set the template for enlightenment. During this auspicious time, humanity is showered with blessings and light infusions from the higher realms. You can tap into this energy at an official Wesak celebration and also on your own with intent. Helpful tools to connect with the Wesak blessings include meditation, sacred sound, and prayerful intentions. Being mindful of this fortunate time of blessings can help you maintain a higher frequency as we move through the retrograde cycles.

Leading up to the official Wesak, the energies will be shifting frequently and it will take increasing spirit connection and skill to adapt to the many twists and turns. Do your best to stay in your heart and walk gently. Trust that you are loved beyond what you could possibly imagine.

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Lightness of Being

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Tips for Lightness of Being

by Selacia

With lighter energies in the air now, it’s time to create in some brand-new ways and leave behind old habits developed during more rocky cycles. Ready?!

Since we’re sitting in a powerful two-week window of beneficial energies after this week’s New Moon, this is really a perfect time to refocus and reapply some helpful principles you likely understand very well. Hence this article is to address a few of those. It’s interesting how our logical mind can remember helpful principles, yet not apply them when we are stressed or emotionally responding during crisis. Restart your energies in a positive way with these tips below.

5 Tips for a Positive Restart

FIRST, remember that words are instrumental in creating your experience. Change the tone from punitive and fear-based words so often a part of both inner and outer dialogue. Example: replace the word worry with concern. This gives a much lighter feel, is present oriented, and can give a more grounded context.

SECOND, be diligent with self-censoring as you say the words “I am.” Catch yourself before you complete the sentence with adjectives like tired, broke, depressed, or stuck. You want to emphasize positive states and potentials, not negative ones. Only you in the moment can monitor your own mind.

THIRD, take care of yourself. After stressful cycles like we had in March, even a healthy person may feel a bit depleted or simply need some boosting. Get outside and exercise. Eat real food. Be kind to your body, giving it what it needs. In need of some life direction or simply validations? Consider seeking help from a trusted practitioner who can neutrally see a larger picture.

FOURTH, add more fun into each day. Don’t make this into a project, but do find sources of pleasure and laughter.

FIFTH, update the view you hold of yourself. Do this regularly, not just after a whirlwind eclipse cycle like we had in March. You are constantly evolving and shifting into more lightness of being. At your core, too, is a very unique energy no one else has! Own your uniqueness and honor it. The more you do this, the more the world will respond to you in positive ways. You then become a magnet for good, attracting the people and situations that can help you be all you are meant to be in this precious life.

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Last Twelve Days

Navigating Last 12 Days of 2015
Energy Update Ahead of Solstice and Christmas Full Moon
by Selacia

With just 12 days left in 2015, it’s helpful at this juncture to consider the big picture of your life and the physical reality you find yourself in now. In this article, I provide insights to help you access this larger view as well as suggestions for making the most of this year-end cycle.

Coming Solstice and Full Moon

With Solstice arriving 12/21 and a rare Full Moon occurring Christmas Day, the week ahead is an excellent time for a boosting of your spirits and finding enjoyment in little things as you do a year-end review. Give yourself permission to have fun and let go a little more than usual right now. It hasn’t been an easy year and most likely you had more issues than usual to contend with.

Most things involve other people in some way – that means your relationships with other people do have a lot to do with your experience of this world. These relationships can be casual, very close, or anywhere in between. All of them count. It’s not so much the people per se. It’s how you relate to those people and with what level of consciousness. Being present, kind and loving is always the highest choice as you relate to others.

Relationships in Spotlight Now

This weekend’s energies may put relationships in the spotlight, illuminating things between you and others. More clarity can lead to healing of even longstanding wounds. Do your best to be open, engaged in a present way, and compassionate.

If you interact with someone who recently pushed your emotional buttons, consciously intend to be open enough to hear that person in a new way. Give that person your full attention so you can fully take in both the words and energy behind the words. Don’t forget to include spirit in the mix – ask your higher self for insights about optimal ways to respond. Remember: you are not required to have a response to every statement or action. Sometimes it’s more important to listen and hold a loving space between you and the other person.

People are an essential part of your feedback system. They are the mirrors you cannot provide on your own – a true gift on your path of enlightenment. People and really everything in your world make up your ongoing feedback system, reflecting back to you energies you have put in motion and thoughts you have had. Your self-actualization occurs in a process over time as you learn to master the art of relating to others.

Factor in Pets

Even pets play a significant role. Pets can pick up on and respond to your upset and inner conflicts as well as your joy and contentment. Next time your pet acts out, consider how your mood may be a factor and do what you can to lighten up. Factor in the holiday chaos, too, for pets can be impacted by bursts in activity, becoming overly excited.

Factor in Rare 12/25 Full Moon

On Christmas this year we have a rare Full Moon, adding an amplification factor to the day. This Full Moon can bring illumination, too, people gathering together having aha moments about their roles and potentially connecting with the most important bond they have – love.

Regardless of what day it is and whether you are celebrating with others, do remember the love that is your true nature. Allow that love to naturally arise from within you and express it in some fashion daily.

Each time you do this, you will have seized your moment to shine your light in a powerful way. As you do this, you empower yourself and you help others to see their own light. It’s like you are a bridge, helping someone who feels uncertain to find their way. Do not underestimate the benefit of such a seemingly simple gesture.

Know that as a divine changemaker you are actually encoded to be such a beneficial bridge – embrace your role!

Countdown to 2016

As we get closer to 2016, take moments of quiet time to self-reflect. Become still and do some inner inquiry for a larger view of where you sit right now. Chances are, if it’s been a tough year, you may have doubts about your progress and discount your actual growth to date.

Ask spirit to give you a fuller picture and to remind you of your gifts and abilities. As you connect with this information, it may be helpful to make a short list of what you are good at and what you like doing. Don’t overthink this – just write down a few things that immediately come to you. Place your list someplace where you can see it over the next several days before year-end.

If there is a project, relationship, or perhaps a whole new life direction you feel is on hold or challenged, reflect on the issue before sleep – then ask for a dream to bring clarity and ideas of action steps.

Tip: how you end 2015 helps determine how you will begin next year. Consider how you want to end the year and towards that end what you could do or avoid doing to make the ending a positive set up for the coming year. Endings set the foundations for what’s coming next. Create wonderful by giving your attention to this now. You deserve a wonderful 2016!

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Create Peace

Create Peace
Tips for Creating Peace and Feeling Peaceful in Turmoil
by Selacia

The world is in accelerated turmoil this month, fueled by uncertainty and a fear-induced crisis of confidence. You may be asking yourself how you can create peace and feel peaceful when the world has gone mad. That indeed is an excellent question to be asking right now. Even in the asking, you can begin to tap your inner wisdom that has a larger view of things.

Divine Changemakers Demand Truth

Staying awake enough to ask questions and to demand truth is essential to your role as a divine changemaker. After all, you cannot be a positive force for change when you are in the dark about situations or when you blindly accept what you are told by authority figures. Check the facts for yourself. Question the underlying motives of people who are expressing opinions.

In moments when it simply feels too intense knowing about the world’s disarray, take a personal time out when needed. Self-care is essential when you feel stressed.

December Moon Cycles

Today is the first day of a moon cycle culminating in a rare Full Moon on Christmas. Each time we have a New Moon as we have today, it’s like a door opens into a new space within which you can create something new or add an expanded element into a current situation.

Using this cycle: consider what you can personally create with this New Moon; consider, too, what you can do on an everyday basis to express love, tolerance, and acceptance. Right now on the world stage we are seeing loud examples of the polar opposite of those qualities.

Remember: many things are not as they appear during humanity’s awakening process. Often those speaking loudest or with the most charisma are tuning into fears lots of people have on an unconscious level. Apply discernment and your intuitively guided reason to all you take in during these moments.

2016 Themes: Truth & Justice

This Sagittarius New Moon is likely to stir themes of purpose, meaning, justice, and truth. The last two on the list will be dominant themes for 2016 as I wrote about in my annual “2016 Predictions.” This month indeed is an energetic set up for what we will be focusing on next year. We have major opportunities in 2016 to shift how we live together and to take constructive actions to create a more loving world. What we will be seeing as the year progresses is that key issues long percolating within humanity will be front and center in an inescapable way.

Things are not hopeless and we are not helpless either. We as divine changemakers can stay awake and conscious through these crazy times. When our world is polarized and others are unconsciously playing out their fears, we can make our best efforts to be awake and loving – being the voices in the crowd with the courage to take the high road of spirit. This is a choice we can and must make to have the kind of world we want.

Creating Peace in our Upside Down World

Creating peace in this upside down world is not easy. Here is a simple guideline that when followed does make a difference. Stop focusing on enemies constructed within your own mind or within the minds of others. From a spiritual perspective you have no enemies and no one to fight. The very notion of the enemy keeps you at war with an invisible force. Choose peace.

Accept the fact that many people are consciously asleep right now. They want love and peace just like you do, however. Keep that in mind as you witness bickering, prejudice, hateful accusations, name calling, and threats to exclude groups of people.

Be a force of peace by focusing on goodness and intentionally seeing the connection between all beings and all things. Do not let fear cause you to label others or to sort things into good and bad. Apply love wherever you see polarity, division, and discrimination.

300 Years from Now

Looking back on these times 300 years from now, you will be grateful for the opportunity you had to be here now – witnessing and being an instrumental part of humanity’s return to love. When you doubt this, go to your heart and ask spirit for a higher view. Ask to feel the love that you are at your core.

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Change the Ending

Energy Update

End 2015 on a High Note
Change the Ending with These Tips
by Selacia

The way you end 2015 can significantly influence how you experience the start of 2016. Next year will be full of rich opportunities to express more of your soul’s purpose. You want to be ready when the doors open – ideally holding the highest vibration possible and being clear about your life and what you want to create next.

This recommendation holds for any year, yet is especially relevant at this pivotal juncture. It’s easy to get sidetracked this time of year. Ironically, while the natural response at end-year would be to self-reflect and recalibrate energies, you may feel in chaos. Your mind may be bouncing between holiday focus, complexities of unresolved issues, unsettling global news, and family dynamics naturally catalyzed this time of year.

Come Back to the Big Picture

For perspective, come back to the big picture with the long view of your journey. After all, you are eternal and here on purpose. Being here now was an orchestration of your soul, desiring to be a part of this important historical time.

You may have lived during other key historical periods – like during the Egyptian golden years, times when Buddha or Christ lived, or at the height of the Mayan civilization. However, this cycle indeed carries the highest potentials of any to date.

How can this be? Consider the juxtaposition of countless helpful factors, the sheer numbers of us here now, and the critical mass of awakening occurring. Only in hindsight will we be able to grasp the significance of these historical moments.

As mentioned in my “2016 Predictions” themes of truth and justice from 2015 will continue front and center in 2016. The energy cycles of next year will add to the momentum and attention on what’s out of balance.

The shift under way now and in 2016 can result in amazing breakthroughs and a kind of spiritual maturing not possible in earlier cycles.

Embracing Your Role

This month as we prepare to end another year you may feel like you have gone back in time – experiencing highs and lows along with chaos you felt in earlier years. Things really aren’t the same, however, and more importantly you are not the same being.

Big and sometimes incremental shifts have occurred within you and in your world. What can seem like the norm continuing in fact is something quite different – the new Earth you want may be much closer than you think. Hold that thought daily and do your best to stay positive and loving.

Change the Ending with These Tips

Did you know you can actually change the ending of 2015 and be better prepared to start next year on a high note? If that sounds too simple to be true, read on and experiment with these suggestions.

Take advantage of opportunities to personally stop the world and be still this December. Give yourself permission to disconnect from holiday activities and your “to do” list long enough to have regular inner refueling and rebalancing. As part of that, invite a higher view of your circumstances and focus on releasing dysfunctional energies so you can shine your light more brightly next year.

Contemplate the new, more expanded self that you want to embody and present to the world. For this vision, base it on the present and what you sense your potentials could be as the quantum being you truly are.

Forget about what you did before or who you thought you were before – make this vision brand new! Get ready to spread your wings without hesitation, knowing spirit is right by your side.

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Angel Help

Connecting with Help on Your Journey  
by Selacia

We’re in the last stretch of an incredible year, a time when we stretched our minds and horizons in ways we can’t yet comprehend. It hasn’t been an easy year. In fact on many levels it may have felt more challenging than other recent years.

There is a rich tapestry of blessings available, however, from our efforts in continuing on and challenging ourselves to go to the deeper levels of our being. That’s what we as divine changemakers are encoded to do!

It’s important that while we recognize the challenges, the struggles, and the seemingly slow progress occurring – we also remain positive and committed to our ascension path. That goal must remain within sight and within our hearts going forward, our knowing that we are here on purpose to transform this world into one of love.

We can do this, and we are doing this.

When you have moments of doubt, remember this and come back to the big picture and the belief you set in motion likely even before this life began – to be a light revolutionary and see your vision manifest.

Abundance of Help

We have an abundance of help as we progress on our path. Remember that. Call upon that help. That help can come in many forms – from people, from angels and other guides, and from your own intuitive insights about what steps to take and when to take them for optimal results.

Sometimes the help we must resource is assistance with staying peaceful during chaos, uncertainty, and intense planetary cycles. More of those challenges are on the horizon, including a challenging Mars cycle that can lead to feelings of agitation, impatience, and general upset.

Focus on Blessings & Gifts

Coming back to the blessings and gifts of being here now. Don’t forget those. Allow a knowing and tangible experience of these things to come into your awareness after dreaming at night and when contemplating the big picture of your life. This will help you stay balanced and focused on the good you want to be creating.

Calling on Angels & Guides

Many people call upon angels and other guides for background support – asking for help with direction and with staying positive when things look bleak. While they won’t interfere with free will or prevent you from learning something your soul wants you to learn, these beings can be a significant sense of support and comfort on the path.

If you haven’t encountered your angels yet, this simply means you haven’t met them in a tangible way. Most people have angels guiding them and it’s not just this lifetime – they often are guiding companions across the centuries. They often will show up in the person’s energy field during a healing process – sometimes with a particular message for that moment.

Consider the possibility that one of your angels is wanting to get your attention in these moments of fast-moving changes. The guidance you receive could be just what you need to validate your next steps, or to simply feel more comfortable with current circumstances.

Copyright 2015 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

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