Predictions 2019

Predictions 2019 is here! I'm thrilled to be able to offer you this timely book about what is certain to be a historical milestone year.

About SelaciaAcross the world, we are experiencing an escalation of the polarization experienced in recent years. Democracy is teetering.

Meanwhile we're experiencing the biggest shift in awakening of our lifetimes. Indeed we're on the edge of a mega gateway of "remembering" and putting into motion the full force of our light to transform ourselves and the world.

In this book I give you a grounded spiritual view of what's happening, what's coming, how to work with societal and planetary energies, and a practical guide for living your best life throughout the year. You will have a step-by-step view of the big-picture you need - with a simple way to self-assess, transform, and make a viable action plan.

This is the third year I've offered this in eBook form, expanded beyond the main article I've done since the 1990s. Changing times necessitated a new format with expanded content. The basic predictions, which had been free as a stand-alone in earlier versions, was not in my opinion a sufficient tool to help you as we move into 2019. Given the state of our world and with so much at stake for all of us, it feels important to offer this expanded content to all.

While our society is at a crucial crossroads, it's important to know that the larger picture includes many bright spots. There is much to look forward to - and plenty of good news to factor in.

In this book, for example, you will learn about the benevolent force of the divine feminine in 2019 - how it will bring light that awakens, heals, and activates needed changes. You will be able to understand what this means for the Earth, the country where you live, and your ability to thrive, self-actualize, and contribute as a divine changemaker.

Predictions 2019
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"Predictions 2019" eBook - $2.99 - includes 70 pages with 6 feature articles, including the introductory predictions piece - all you need is FREE kindle app on any device (cell phone, tablet, computer) - click here - to read this version with all of the content described more below; note that you do NOT need a kindle device, just the free kindle app; simply order "Predictions 2019" at the link below and it will be automatically delivered into your kindle app.

Highlights of themes in "Predictions 2019":

  • Overview of what's unfolding in 2019 - themes, context, trends
  • How divine feminine energy transforms society
  • Good news in 2019
  • DNA and awakening
  • Living in quantum
  • Next steps for divine changemakers
  • Your guide to 2019 energies
  • Foresight and your spiritual progress
  • How divine changemakers create bridges to peace
  • Your role in the clash of values
  • Finding your focus for making an impact
  • 2019 - action year
  • How to raise your frequency to change your energy

If you resonate with my new book and find it helpful, your review is most welcome on the kindle page where the book is offered. Thank you in advance for reading it and being a part of my journey.

What people have said about Predictions 2019:
  • It's been a year of ups and downs for many of us, and the concern for our world in so many ways, continues to haunt us. Imagine my joy when I read Selacia's "Predictions 2019" and found many positive things to look forward to and, indeed, to actively participate in making 2019 a better year for everyone. For me, one of the most important aspects of Selacia's "Predictions 2019," is that she asks us to think about a future where our freedoms are taken away. The list is chilling, but the good news is that we can do something about it! A must read for everyone with a conscience.

    —Rosalie B. Kahn
  • As always Selacia delivers a grounded message about the energies of 2019 reinforcing key moments you'll want to look out for. So glad I have my energetic toolkit now!

    —Darren Becket
  • Selacia does not mince words as she once again cuts to the center of the topic of living life fully in these times. As she calls for cooperation of concerned citizens throughout the world, she leads our attention to politics, planetary energies, population distribution, the role of women and variations in perspective as aspects and components of the power of solutions as we face conditions in the new year. It’s a great handbook for solutions in 2019. Just saying.

  • Selacia always packs so much helpful information into her annual predictions books. Her insights range from personal to global to quantum with clear explanations and easy tips and exercises. The articles and charts always help me to plan out my year and, for 2019 especially, will help keep things in perspective when so much seems to be going haywire. I know I'll be referring back to it a lot both to understand and to work with this year's energies.

    —Dawn LeFever
  • Selacia’s Predictions 2019 is an excellent and inspiring book, an easy to read and relate to guide for people seeking to make the most of the energetic opportunities of the current year. Highly recommended for people of all generations across cultures and particularly those seeking to raise and maintain high level frequencies, thereby creating positive change in their own lives, circle of influence or society as a whole - both locally and globally.

    —Plamen Bogoev
  • Selacia once again gives us an amazing glimpse into the coming year and what to expect from it.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a significant difference in how they experience this year. Thank you for this wonderful tool, Selacia!

  • Selacia's prediction ebooks are always filled with such insight, optimism and mostly importantly tools. This one is no different, offering an honest yet still optimistic look at 2019 and giving readers tools to navigate the challenging times. Her ebook turns the real struggles of our times into an opportunity for such profound growth - this is a great read!

    —Kayla Ferguson
  • Selacia is the best kind of futurist. She sees not only the forest and the trees, but also the broad terrain around them and the wide weather above them. Her work embodies the definition of the archetypal Magician: Someone who sees patterns where others do not see them, and who creates patterns where they do not yet exist.

    For insight into what’s going on and what’s coming up and how best to handle it, keep Selacia’s informative, insightful, and inspiring book close by and refer to it often.

    —Pamela Jaye Smith, MYTHWORKS