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Selacia is a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers.

Earth's Pivotal Years, by SelaciaBenefit from her regular articles, books, and teachings offered to a worldwide audience. Discover why right now is so extraordinary, and why this is the most important time you could live on the Earth. Understand your unique role as a Divine Changemaker, and how you can fulfill your life's purpose. Read her book Earth’s Pivotal Years.

You can make a quantum leap of awakening during this most precious human life. This potential applies to you, whether you are new to these concepts or a seasoned spiritual practitioner. Discover this potential for your own life through the writing, transformational tools, and healing sessions available through this website.

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Sliding Down Tunnel of Transformation - Impact of Rare Planetary Energies

Sliding Down Tunnel of Transformation - Impact of Rare Planetary Energies

Some of the most eventful energy days of 2020 are unfolding right now - the impact having ripples long into our future. These involve both personal and collective catalysts for mega change. Consider that each of them is a bridge that can lead into a radically different reality. As we grasp what's happening now and discover our role in what happens next, history-making miracles can occur. Continue reading for a big picture of our opportunities in these rare moments.


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New Moon Global Meditation

New Moon Global Meditation

Santa Monica, CA 90405 and via Teleclass
November 14, 2020
6-9:30pm (Santa Monica) on site; 6:30-8:30pm teleclass

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Divine Changemakers - Your Cosmic Self & You

Divine Changemakers - Your Cosmic Self & You

4 Week Virtual Online Course - start at any time!

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Divine Changemakers - Resilience & Self-Awareness in Crisis

Divine Changemakers - Resilience & Self-Awareness in Crisis

September 20-October 24, 2020

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New Moon Solar Eclipse Gateway Global Meditation

New Moon Solar Eclipse Gateway Global Meditation

Virtual Teleclass Only

Ahead of December 21 Solstice & mega Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which occurs only once every 20 years!

Santa Monica, CA 90405 and via Teleclass
December 12, 2020
6-9:30pm (Santa Monica) on site; 6:30-8:30pm teleclass

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Sessions with Selacia

Selacia is available for Virtual Private Sessions
via Zoom, Phone, Whatsapp, Skype

Despite COVID-19, and perhaps because of it, THIS can be one of your most amazing years ever!  

This indeed is the time to access and clear what has been blocking you, perhaps for years as you struggled to find yourself and your higher purpose. The year 2020, by its very nature, is a mega catalyst to break through blocks, known and unknown.   

In private virtual sessions with Selacia, you will benefit from a deeper kind of work that fully supports you as you navigate the uncertainty and unknowns of 2020. This work is a process over time, allowing you to become more comfortable with yourself and grow your bond with spirit so that it's unbreakable and solid.   

Virtual sessions can be by Zoom, phone, WhatsApp, or Skype.  

The basic modality is DNA healing which addresses your present, conditioning, ancestral patterns, connections with loved ones on the other side, and soul journey involving past lives. Other modalities include astrology, pet sessions, crystal journey sessions. Private intensives are offered as advanced work for established regular clients. Note: private work with Selacia is a commitment you make to yourself and your evolution - it requires your active participation and dedication.  

If this work calls to you, visit Selacia's website and order your DNA session now. As soon as you do this, you have set in motion a powerful and tangible healing alchemy that begins the process. Energetic support begins from that moment, preparing you for this deeper work with Selacia.

To get started, order a DNA session and email Selacia for details/scheduling.

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DNA Intuitive Healing Virtual Sessions

US $150 per hour session rate for
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What people are saying about Selacia:
  • Because of our divine changemakers course, I had a very abundant and fun week, able to play with everything and everyone around me (including the serious circumstances of conducting annual pricing negotiations with our main trading partners from Germany). Being in this course literally pays out a million-fold! I’ve had amazing experiences with the dream work process that’s proving very productive for me. I may not remember my dreams on awakening, but they inevitably help me during the day!

  • I’ve had a wonderfully crazy time recently - working for innovative companies, traveling several places including across the US/Mexico border conducting research for my thesis, and beginning my final year of graduate school. With so much happening, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, restless, and just wanting things to stop. Our divine changemakers course provided the perfect tools to navigate these feelings, shifting my perspective to see that time is abundant. I am even able to find time to play, smile, and hopefully help people around me find that same abundance!

  • I would personally like to thank you for your in-depth and wise counsel this year, and to The Council of 12 for picking such a remarkable human. Your newsletters have been inspirational, and a beaming light to a better understanding of my soul and its purpose. I feel like most of your emails are directly speaking to me, which I am sure is what all changemakers experience.

  • Thank you so much for your gift of wisdom and clarity for this time. I DO know that I am a changemaker and I must continually rise above the flotsam and jetsam that rises out of our changing consciousness. I love that the POSITIVE as well as the negative is ’out there’ being recognized and identified with ... by many, many people … YOU and others in this arena keep me sane! Once again, thank you for your wisdom and diligence in sharing it with those of us who need this nourishment! PEACE and LOVE

  • Thank you for your inspiring words. I just came home after wandering around trying to deal with a difficult energy in the surroundings where I live. Your words are both a support and comforting in moments like this with despair about how to deal with those energies inside and outside. It really is a challenge to stay conscious and awake! With love, gratitude and appreciation for your messages.

  • Selacia is such a strong intuitive wonderful teacher. It was so easy to go into past life regressions with her guidance.

  • It was an honor to meet you and thank you very much for such a beautiful introduction to some amazing angels.

  • I’ve noticed since taking your courses I’m much more sensitive and that participating is accelerating other positive changes in my life. The recent Divine Changemakers course helps me to stay grounded when I’m with other people, a big help as I work and interact with others.

  • I am now aware of the amazing and powerful gifts I have received during these two weeks with you and the Council of 12. I am eternally grateful that I was guided to that interaction and I truly believe it is just the trickle preceding the deluge of love that is about to be unleashed on this planet! Blessings and gratitude to you, beloved Selacia and to The Council!