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The year 2018 is likely to be remembered as a rare year, typified by an accelerated level of intensity and a new tipping point of our divided world. Bright spots will abound in tandem with the chaos – the miracle force of love helping to bring hope and creative solutions.
2018 Predictions is here

Developments will be global, impacting all beings and the Earth itself. On a personal level, this will be a marker year – events illuminating things that you need to see and act upon in order to progress spiritually and take your next big leap. The role that you play on the planet is about to get an upgrade too! Continue reading for a snapshot of what you will find in the “2018 Predictions” Premium eBook.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer you my annual Predictions in eBook form for the second year. In 2017 it was published in both formats—the basic Predictions feature on its own and the expanded or Premium eBook with additional content available nowhere else. The “2018 Predictions” is being published the same way.

Here are your options:

Highlights of themes in “2018 Predictions Premium” eBook:

  • Your Guide to 2018 Energies – for foresight about the year’s energies involving the energetic climate of society and key planetary influences
  • Divine Changemakers Changing the World in 2018 – with insights about how the role you play on the planet is getting an upgrade, and specific steps you can take to maximize your impact
  • 7 Ways to Renew Your Personal Energy – with understanding about how you will be impacted by the energies of 2018, plus key things you can do for ongoing renewal throughout the year
  • Guide for Enlightened Activism – with key examples of how you can make a difference with enlightened activism, as well as suggested appropriate and legal ways to be an activist

What people have said about Predictions 2017:

A clear, brilliant glimpse into what lays ahead. Selacia is a brilliant seer and a rare guide on the road before us. Beyond the beyond.

– Barry Bruder

Selacia's Annual Predictions Articles have always impressed me with their accuracy in terms of her ability to read the energies and cycles ahead of time in any given year. In my humble opinion, the reader will gain valuable insights into the way energies will play out in 2017 and on top will feel greatly inspired to rise above and cope with the multitude of challenges in these unique times of uncertainty and unprecedented change. Excellent read not to be missed!

– PB, Bulgaria

As always, Selacia's material is practical. Having strategies and tools for living during these truly auspicious times. Thank you!

– Darren Beckett

No matter how crazy things may seem, Selacia says, there are things we can do to move forward. There is hope and encouragement at a time when both are badly needed. I highly recommend reading "Predictions 2017" by Selacia now. It's a valuable resource that I intend to use often in trying to overcome the chaos of 2017.

– Rosalie B. Kahn

Selacia, in her eBook Predictions 2017, has used her background as an intuitive, and astrologer and a seasoned journalist to predict precisely how and when the year 2017 will be difficult for most humans on the planet. This eBook is truly a gem; it will be my go to resource when I need an uplift.

– BanuBon

Selacia writes with compelling clarity and faith in our future. She offers an excellent reference guide with empowering tools - for everyone who wants to create and live in a more light-filled world. Predictions 2017 brings a big, loud message of hope to humanity. Bravo!

– Arial

The quick insightful exercises help develop a clearer sense of self, a renewed energy and an empowering level of trust. I'd recommend it to find a deeper understanding of your inner essence.

– Margo Berman

Selacia's material is always very insightful and easy to digest! This book in particular is poignant, highlighting important aspects of this upcoming year while still remaining hopeful. Thank you for these predictions Selacia!

– Kayla Ferguson

Selacia’s unique background as an international journalist, intuitive healer, astrologer and spiritual teacher provides the framework for profound guidance and support through the cycles and energies of 2017. Her messages inspire and empower. There is no fear mongering. She also offers great tools like the “Personal Energy Building Process” and “7 Tips for Honing Your Personal Compass of Trust”. Check out her blog too. I am always amazed by how it is in sync with what I am experiencing and appreciate the valuable insight. Thank you Selacia!

– Jo Carey

This book offers perspective and support for balance and stability w/ oneself to understand and discern emotional and reactionary inclinations and triggers as drastic change becomes the planetary landscape we walk into through our individual and collective momentary decisions.

– Rebecca Pulliam

Selacia's predictions are amazing. She brings clarity and calm in the midst of our chaotic and anxious times. Her ability to see the big picture and bring hope that things will get better. Very well written. I always look forward to her predictions for the New Year! This year more than ever! I think everyone who reads this book will gain greater understanding of how the past and the present and the future are all intertwined.

– Cheri

I can always count on Selacia for insight and encouragement. She has a real gift for seeing what direction life will take and, more importantly, the best way to walk on the path that's opening. I highly recommend her book so you can share her gifts.

– M White

Given that Selacia has an impressive background as a professional journalist at the highest levels of real-politik, I trust her assessment of current events, cycles of history, and influences of energies both obvious and not-so-obvious. She knows what she’s talking about. Her insights are both inspirational and practical. These days, we desperately need both.

– Pamela Jaye Smith

Selacia's 'Predictions 2017' is straight to the point in helping understand the larger picture of the energies involved in our current societal and political state. She provides practical tips to help us navigate through the tough energies this coming year and how to stay grounded and heart-centered in our daily lives. As a Spiritual Teacher/Healer with a previous Journalism career, Selacia provides a unique perspective that speaks to the collective and individual.

– Ashley

With the 2017 Predictions eBook, I found a valuable personal road map. Not only are we given predictions, but also essential tools for navigating 2017. I especially enjoyed the 7 Tips for Honing Your Personal Compass of Trust. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a significant difference in how they experience this year. Thank you for this wonderful tool, Selacia!


Selacia's predictions are such a guiding light for us to travel the path of spirituality. Love it!

– Marcia Sibeles

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