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Private Intensives with Selacia

Private Intensives with Selacia

Selacia provides one-on-one intensive sessions in one hour session formats. Order three sessions at once and you can save $156 - single sessions cost $250 each. All intensives involve energy work and are individually tailored to the person. An intensive can be a combination of healing and training. Simply pick one of the two options and in consultation with Selacia ahead of time, the focus and content will be considered.

Private Healing Intensives

Book an in-person healing intensive with Selacia to explore deep issues, address a life crossroads, or to have spiritual guidance and healing needed to take your next big leap.

Private Training Intensives

Each private training instensive is tailored individually for the client. Each intensive session includes both energy work and spiritually-grounded tools and methods.

In Private Training Intensive with Selacia, benefit from her experience in areas such as:

  • Angels and the nonphysical
  • Animal communication and healing
  • Aromatherapy and frequency-based healing
  • Ascension and enlightenment
  • Astrology and planetary energy cycles
  • Boundary setting
  • Chakra healing
  • Crystals and crystal bowl healing
  • Discernment
  • Divine changemakers
  • DNA intuitive healing
  • Healing with the elements
  • Higher self
  • Interspecies communications including with dolphins and whales
  • Intuitive development
  • Past lives, future lives
  • Quantum reality
  • Soul agreements
  • Spirit guides
  • Telepathy

Private Healing and Training Intensives are only offered in-person by Selacia - please contact us for more details.