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About SelaciaOur world is deeply polarized and chaotic as despots in key countries dismantle the very foundations of democracies. The spread of right-wing populism has emboldened authoritarian-type figures not seen on this large a scale since the 1940s.

Indeed, we as a global society have reached a pivotal choice point about how to go forward. Do we allow our fear of the “other” to blind us to what‘s unfolding in country capitals like Washington, or do we open our eyes and hearts – rising up to protect and restore our freedoms, the rule of law, and fair treatment of all beings?

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Predictions 2020
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What people have said about Selacia's Predictions 2020:
  • This book could not be more timely. Just reading the first few chapters helped me reframe the chaos and, not only feel better about it, but actually to make sense of it all. I'm so grateful to have this guide for 2020. I know I'll refer back to it throughout the year.

    —Dawn LeFever
  • Year after year I find Selacia's Predictions worth studying. Here's why: Selacia tackles "the elephant in the room" adding unique and seldom-mentioned perspectives. She then provides examples through personal experiences and astrological events encouraging the circumstances that many folks would prefer to deny exist. Finally she suggests clear practical guidance to assist maintaining our balance throughout any chaos. What's not a benefit in that formula? Thanks again, Selacia

  • As always, Selacia provides a sensible, and realistic approach to understanding the energies of the year and beyond, with real tools and processes to help along the way. Thank you for your wisdom Selacia!

    —Darren Beckett
  • A call for action and a tool to stay centered. Published during a chaotic global context, this books presents facts in an eye-opening manner. The first chapters brought me to reflect and question the current reality while supporting me in making sense of it. Auspicious time for revisiting what I thought I knew and act on it. The last chapters provided me with the tools necessary for this. Thank you Selacia for this dose of wisdom.

    —Christel Paille
  • Every day there's a new challenge we have to deal with and every day we don't know what to do. It's getting more and more chaotic -- the US elections, climate change, and now the corona virus, to name just a few!  Selacia's "Predictions 2020" helps us make sense of all the chaos. She gives us a historical perspective, themes that will continue in 2020, and very specific things that we can do to help climate change.  We are not helpless or out of control, although it does feel that way!  Selacia puts this all into perspective, and I, for one, was able to breathe more easily after reading "Predictions 2020." We need help, we need a guide, and this is it!

    —Rosalie Kahn
  • Selacia's "Predictions 2020" is an excellent and easy-to-read review of the current global changes taking place in societies worldwide and affecting humanity on a global and personal level. It's yet another great reminder of how interconnected we are as a human race. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to broaden their perspective on current events and enjoy richer and more fulfilling experiences on their journey.

    —Plamen Bogoev
  • Selacia again gives us an amazing glimpse into the coming year and what to expect from it. Staying centered and tuned into our hearts is essential. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a significant difference in how they experience this year. Thank you for this wonderful tool, Selacia!

  • This book is a Wake-Up Call to humanity; an overview of history, deep history, and cosmic history; explanations for why some of what is happening is happening using socio-politics, group psychology, systems theory, the nature of cycles, and astrology both personal and big-picture.  Selacia is spot-on again with her assessments of current situations, historical precedents, and how the future can go. Amidst the current rise of doom and gloom, she offers a clear-headed view of how we got here and where we can go from here.

    —Pamela Jaye Smith
  • Intelligent, profound, visionary and well written.

    —G. S.
  • An incredible book to read as we enter such uncharted times at the start of 2020. It's direct, and yet also filled with hope about what is possible for humanity. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for insight on current events, advice on how to cope, or simply want to elevate your awareness level as it relates to our current times.

  • Selacia’s Predictions 2020 book provides the reader with a down-to-earth practicality of how to navigate this year of uncertainty. Readers will be able to feel secure, knowing that this book provides them the tools they need for living during 2020.

    —Paula P.
  • I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Selacia one on one and she brings a tremendous amount of clarity, honesty and guidance. This book represents her fully and her words are always genuine and to the point. People like Selacia make this world a better place! Thank you for taking the time to write this and continue to share you knowledge with the world.

    —Nic Heffernan
  • I absolutely loved the Predictions 2020 book by Selacia. She's so intuitive and provided much guidance and insight for how to navigate the surreal times of 2020. I do believe we are all meant to help elevate the planet with the love frequency over fear, and there are strong eclipses and transits that will help with this transformation on the globe. Her book has such useful information! I would recommend it to anyone!