Divine Changemakers: Phase 8 - Full Payment - Condensed Course

Quantum Creativity for Divine Changemakers. Prerequisite for this course: Divine Changemakers Phase 1 Course

For anyone in the Divine Changemakers series since 2012 who wants to have this very timely and practical course to help move through these times.

Quantum Creativity for Divine Changemakers

Created for these uncertain and fast-changing times – with essential tools and energetic support needed to break through creativity blocks and embody your fearless, empowered self. This 8th course in the series provides a solid foundation for mastery of feelings and inner fire. It includes specific tools designed to awaken high-level creativity needed for these times. Various types of process – including use of sacred ceremony and healing tools like crystals and essential oils – will be incorporated into this course. Themes addressed include: personal-spiritual, abundance-money & situations, life purpose-work, relationships-love. Weekly emails and group calls are supplemented by weekly 1-on-1 interaction-support from Selacia and The Council of 12.

Divine Changemakers: Phase 8 - Full Payment - Condensed Course

Each week you work with the material at your own pace and on your own schedule. Included in the course is a weekly 1-on-1 personal check-in with Selacia.