Life Force Renewal Global Meditation Event

Live & Recorded

Santa Monica, CA 90405
April 18, 2020
6-9:30pm (Santa Monica) on site; 6:30-8:30pm teleclass

with Selacia & The Council of 12

Notice to those attending on-site and in person with Selacia:

  • Pay online before arrival – no payments accepted at door.
  • After registration online here, you will be sent Santa Monica address and cell contact details - on day, please arrive punctually at 6pm, and send text to provided cell number to gain entry.
  • Arriving at 6pm provides opportunity to be in the energy of the event and socialize with other attendees.

When participating in the sacred teaching space, please remember:

  • Shoes off inside front door
  • No food or frozen water bottles – only water in non-drip insulated containers
  • Bags larger than a purse must be left in hallway on entry
  • Crystals for healing grid work – if desired bring 1 or 2 polished stones (leave others for grid energizing at home)
  • Seating is on chairs vs floor
  • Avoid perfumes – therapeutic grade essential oils used on-site

Note: Meditation Fees (including for Wesak events) are non-refundable and non-transferable. All registrations include mp3 download, so if for some reason you cannot attend live after registering, know that your energy is still included in our event and you will have the mp3.

Teleclass Registration


On Site Attendance