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Sessions with Selacia

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This can be a very pivotal year for you and moving upward to the next place on your path. If you are ready to go deeper with your transformation to access and clear what blocks you, consider private 1-1 work with Selacia. This deeper level of work is a process over time, allowing you to greatly accelerate your evolution and work through obstacles to your progress.

The basic modality is DNA healing which addresses your present, conditioning, ancestral patterns, connections with loved ones on the other side, and soul journey involving past lives.

Other modalities include astrology, pet sessions, and crystal journey sessions.

Private intensives are offered as advanced work for established regular clients.

Note: private work with Selacia is a commitment you make to yourself and your evolution - it requires your active participation and dedication. If this work calls to you, order your session now. As soon as you do this, you have set in motion a powerful and tangible healing alchemy that begins the process.

In the initial astrology session is an in-depth look at your life, life path, and focus on your key strengths and qualities that help you shine!

I use a system involving astrodynes, too, which shows us where you have the most power in the chart – and which planets/houses/signs are most important in general for you. We can look at Capricorn, saturn and pluto too.

Most people I work with now are having additional astrology to better understand this. It’s not about one weekend conjunction – it’s about an energetic push forward that will be in place for a number of years – changing much about our society and facilitate our personal and spiritual growth by leaps and bounds. A very exciting time to be alive! 

Once a person has done their initial astrology session – we typically do a couple of sessions a year (solar return based on where you spend/spent your recent birthday) and transits showing current energies and how your chart/life is impacted – to know special windows of opportunity/power and to better understand how to offset any challenges with antidotes and other positives in your chart. 

As you probably figured out, I’m an optimist and don’t go into doom and gloom. I do however, speak candidly about the real challenges of living in this physical world and with what’s going on in the world. There is always an antidote for our challenges – no doomsday.

One of the things that makes my sessions unique – all of them really (DNA, astrology, etc.) – is my global perspective, my first-hand knowledge of society across the world from working many places, meeting people of all cultures, and studying via my investigative reporting for years how our society functions and what is needed for balance – and a loving world. What I’ve discovered is that all of us are the same – no matter where we come from, our heritage, or our language. We all have similar challenges and want the same basic things. I understand this intrinsically regardless of who I am working with.

I look forward to doing some private sessions with you soon!

Love and blessings,



DNA Sessions

DNA sessions are a personalized way to receive clarity and quantum healing of issues preventing forward movement. Within the DNA is an akashic record of the soul’s journey over time, revealing root causes of issues. Selacia is skilled in accessing this field around the DNA, pinpointing and healing root-level causes of issues – including those involving ancestral patterns and past lives. This heals the present and also helps ancestors and humanity at large. These sessions are especially tailored for visionaries, evolutionary leaders, healers, and divine changemakers on the accelerated path of awakening.

Sample session themes:  crossroads, career or life shift, romantic-partner healing, creativity blocks, troubling relationships, soul purpose, introduction to spirit guides, abundance blocks, self-empowerment, intuitive gifts, physical conditions, communications with loved ones in the other side.

Other Types of Sessions

While DNA sessions are the basic session provided and often the best way to begin private work with Selacia, here are the other types:

  • Pet sessions – including animal communication, pet healing, and communication with pets on the other side.
  • Astrology sessions – an intuitive reading providing an essential roadmap to your life, current energies, navigating energy cycles, and insights about potentials.
  • Crystal journey sessions – for established clients, these in-person sessions are an experiential journey to other times and places to better understand your current life.
  • Private trainings and intensives – offered in-person to established clients seeking advanced training, insights and quantum healing for taking the next big leap.

To order your private session with Selacia, select your desired session type, and then pay for your session via secure ordering through As soon as we hear from you, we will contact you to set up a time.

Pet Sessions

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Pet Sessions

US $150 per hour session rate for
Pet Sessions

Pet Sessions

You are invited to experience spirit-directed healings and readings for your pet. During the session with Selacia, you can receive animal communication from your pet. You also can relax and de-stress while your pet receives energetic healing of physical and emotional conditions. Receive insights about what you can do to facilitate the health and happiness of your pet.

Animal communication through Selacia can open you to more understanding of your pet's needs, behaviors, and desires. You and your pet can benefit from your knowing what your pet likes and dislikes, what causes your pet distress,...

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Astrology Sessions

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Astrology Sessions

US $175 per hour session rate for
Astrology Sessions

Astrology Sessions

What issues are addressed?

Selacia's intuitive astrology readings help provide a roadmap for your life. They help you to better understand your past, present and future - so you have more joy and success. The insights received help you to maximize your potential in this new evolutionary cycle.

What to expect in your Astrology Session with Selacia

As part of your session, you will receive insights from The Council of 12 about your life path and astrological background which incorporates ancient Hermetic teachings involving astrology and sacred geometry.

You will receive information to help you understand your unique self, your gifts, and your purpose here on Earth. You will learn how to maximize your strengths and how to overcome your weaknesses. You will understand what is affecting you today and what to expect over the coming weeks...

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Crystal Journey Sessions

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Crystal Journey Sessions

US $350 per session rate for
Crystal Journey Sessions

48-hour cancellation policy applies - session fees non-refundable if cancelled within 48 hours session commencement.

Crystal Journey Sessions

Selacia's intuitive Crystal Journey Sessions provide you with an experiential journey to other times and places in order to better understand your current life. These in-person sessions can help you to better understand your past, present and future so you can have more joy and success. The insights received help you to maximize your potential in this new evolutionary cycle. Each experience will be unique and have unique benefits.

Please note: Crystal Journey Sessions are offered to established clients in person with Selacia.

Benefits of having a Crystal Journey Session include:

  • When at a crossroads in life, it's helpful to energetically travel to the past or future to better understand the Self and optimal next steps
  • To expand awareness beyond the 3rd dimension, learning to work with different dimensions, discovering past life relationships with loved ones (even pets!); this helps to create a deep understanding of our behaviors and patterns...

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Disclaimer, Confidentiality, Permissions

Disclaimer, Confidentiality, Permissions

All information provided is Copyright © Selacia.

The information provided by Selacia/Communication for Transformation is not meant to serve as medical advice or prognosis, and Selacia/Communication for Transformation assume no responsibility if the information is misused.

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