Crystal Journey Sessions

Selacia's intuitive Crystal Journey Sessions provide you with an experiential journey to other times and places in order to better understand your current life. These in-person sessions can help you to better understand your past, present and future so you can have more joy and success. The insights received help you to maximize your potential in this new evolutionary cycle. Each experience will be unique and have unique benefits.

Please note: Crystal Journey Sessions are offered to established clients in person with Selacia.

Benefits of having a Crystal Journey Session include:

  • When at a crossroads in life, it's helpful to energetically travel to the past or future to better understand the Self and optimal next steps
  • To expand awareness beyond the 3rd dimension, learning to work with different dimensions, discovering past life relationships with loved ones (even pets!); this helps to create a deep understanding of our behaviors and patterns with them now
  • We can view, collect and bring back knowledge and gifts we possessed in other times and places
  • Breaking old patterns of fear and understanding where they originated
  • Communicating with your spirit guides and guardian angels for guidance and inspiration
  • Communicating with loved ones now on the other side
  • Defining your current soul path
  • Glancing at your future in this incarnation or the next, or possible ascension
  • Visiting other planets and galaxies, or just roaming around the Earth plane
  • You can use this to travel to your happiest lifetime, your most spiritual lifetime, or some other key lifetime and ask that your feelings/gifts/wisdom from that time now be anchored into your current conscious lifetime and into your physical body.

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Crystal Journey Sessions

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Crystal Journey Sessions

What people say about Crystal Journey Sessions with Selacia:

The crystal journey gave me a clearer understanding of why I seem to struggle in certain areas of my life. It seems that just knowing how these feelings and fears came about now gives me permission to let them go. I feel that although further work needs to be done to clear these issues - I feel that a large part has already been healed just from the experience. The crystal grid provided such a safe and powerful space for travel. Thank you so much for facilitating this wonderful experience!


First of all, the crystal journey session validated and expanded what I've always felt and known about my life. To be able to go back within those experiences and to have an overview rather then having only a subjective sense, gave me an understanding of the validity and value of those past lives. Before that session, I was trying to embrace and turn into positive feelings what I wasn't sure how to grasp, what was haunting me during my life. I was making a huge effort in darkness and confusion. Now I have a fuller understanding of those experiences, as if I was enlightened, some shady parts of my being revealed to me, I feel more comfortable about what's coming through in this lifetime, it finally make sense.


The crystal journey was quite unique. I know you were surprised that I 'traveled' so much. I felt the presence of your spirit guides and my cat (now on the other side) so strongly. Before we started, when we were talking, I could see the two past lives we visited during the session. I knew I had to go there. I was not prepared for the golden figures, though! These two lives I have visited before, under hypnosis. The first brought up a lot of pain, fear, and anger at a key person in my life. This time, you guided me to see the 'lesson.' That was so helpful. For the first time, I saw that he was having an affair back then and he didn't want me to see it. Then it was so easy for me to understand and forgive. The second life, as a Buddhist monk, was also very powerful. Again, I could see more clearly. It was the first time I had realized that I was blind and had a beautiful relationship with that young boy. It helps me understand the meaning of 'inner sight.' And also, I discovered how interdependent people are. I saw that it doesn't hurt to ask for what you need. And that it's OK to say 'no.' I am still wondering about myself being that 'gold being.' I really couldn't tell if it was the past, future or maybe simultaneous. The fact that my conscious mind wants to put a 'time' on it makes me laugh. I know there is no time, so it really doesn't matter. You really helped me bring it all together in that pyramid. I was having a lot of trouble with the bottom line. Thank you to The Council of 12 for making it a solid red and eliminating 'the stuff.' This brings me into life. I no longer wish to leave. I can travel anywhere, at any time. I know at night I travel. I always ask that I be sent to the higher schools of learning, and at the same time be sent around the world, helping others. I only wish I could remember where I go and what I have learned!


What a journey! I've always known that I have lived before. I've always wondered where and in what form. The crystal journey experience was a true gift. It not only gave me the opportunity to see where I'd lived before, but to feel what I was feeling in that lifetime. Different scenes from each life played out in front of me, yet I was a part of it. It was very clear to me what lesson I was working on in each lifetime and how that lesson was either still being played out in my current life or being used as a gift towards higher awakening in this lifetime. I can't wait to do it again!


Order now:
Crystal Journey Sessions

US $299 per session rate for
Crystal Journey Sessions