The Spiritual Compass to 2021

About SelaciaSelacia’s The Spiritual Compass to 2021 is here. Humanity is at a precipice. It's like a red light is continuously flashing to get our attention. Big choices must be made, new actions taken, to change the future we are creating together. It's not too late to change our status quo. This book is an inspirational look at our collective precipice, providing practical steps to change your personal reality as you contribute to the biggest shift in consciousness humanity has ever witnessed.

Key issues addressed in the 11 chapters: the climate crisis, power run amok, democracy on crutches, powerlessness, relationship resets in a polarized world, divine changemakers at the crossroads of change. Positive stories from real people will inspire you to courageously take your next steps.

Grasp the history of how we got here, Understand beyond a doubt that we are an innately creative species that is encoded to meet virtually any challenge. On a personal level, receive practical insights and tools that help you navigate challenging energies, apply your astrology to self-actualize, discover your larger cosmic connections, and step into your divine power to help create a new world based on love.

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What people are saying about Spiritual Compass to 2021:
  • The reckoning is upon us, and Selacia’s book The Spiritual Compass to 2021 explains how we got to this precipice and what we can do to evolve from where are to where we can be. She says that as long as we remain in tribal consciousness, we’ll keep creating and suffering from problems we have exacerbated. The chapter ‘Positive Stories from Real People” – with its collection of touching and transformational stories – can bring you to tears and to inspiration.

    Pamela Jaye Smith - Los Angeles

  • Selacia's writing always speaks to the heart and the moment, which I always appreciate in her writing. Also, the inspirational stories chapter was particularly enjoyable as it highlights the light at the end of the tunnel for so many people this past year. Highly recommended.

    Darren Becket

  • Selacia always brings great information and insights. Love her work.


  • A superb read that gets to the heart of the challenge we face today as a species. We are all part of the solution - as she comprehensively demonstrates - the way forward is challenging and exciting in equal proportion. You owe it to yourself to examine what she says and see how it influences your current thinking. Above all …. Enjoy!

    John Coombes, United Kingdom

  • After a first chapter on the status and current dilemma of humanity, the second chapter gathers heartfelt stories from people across the world. Uplifting and inspiring, these stories share how we can seize the opportunity of the pandemic to realign with our inner compass. From inner compass to Moon energy and cosmic dimensions, all along the reading, I felt that I embarked on an energetic journey together with many other true people. This reminded me to slow down, take care of myself and start to use my creativity. Beautiful reading, fun, and as ever...wise. Thank you Selacia for being with us now.

    Christel Paille, Netherlands

  • Selacia has such a knack for painting a helicopter view of developments that people on earth are going through. Showing what influences are triggering people to step in their destiny and live their best lives ever. Showing hope and inspiration, where fear and confusion seems to make people tumble in distress. Through her writing she really makes you tap into your best self and shows you a loving way forward.

    Petra Carroll, Netherlands

  • The Spiritual Compass to 2021 by the spiritual intuitive healer, Selacia, was written from the reality of the moment that demonstrates the changes that we’re living. She emphasizes that the “time is now” to take on our individual responsibility to intensify co-creating new reality in our world. The book is a guide to choosing and creating reality that is hospitable to the survival and thriving of the human race on planet earth. Now.

    In order to succeed at such a task, the author presents procedures for moving forward. I especially appreciated the personal positive real-life take-aways from the down days delineating a number of effects, problems and solutions.

    This book is well worth studying and keeping nearby to refer to for fresh view and practical action steps.


  • This book offers inspirational guidance. I look forward to reading this book many times over to help me navigate and understand these times we are living in.


  • A wonderful insight to one of the biggest shifts and changes in humanity, a must read for anyone interested in the spiritual and magical aspect of life.


  • This is a direct quote from this exciting new book I think it says it all. "Of all the centuries we could be in this dance of life together, this is the one during which we must finally grasp our interconnectedness and understand how to use it as a force of positive mega change." There is no doubt in my mind that "The Spiritual Compass" will help us all as a guide to find our way out of the recent chaos and give us meaning for the future. I especially loved the "Positive Stories from Real People." We are so much in need of inspiration right now, and these stories show us the silver linings and blessings of being alive now! A must read.

    Rosalie B. Kahn