Crystal Pyramids
Quartz Crystal Singing Pyramids

Quartz Crystal Singing Crystal Pyramid

Energized by The Council of 12 Amazing sound healing tool: for anyone who works with energy, meditation, spiritual transformation Description: Optically clear quartz singing crystal pyramid Council of 12 energized:…

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Quartz Crystal Singing Crystal Pyramid Pendant

Quartz Crystal Singing Crystal Pyramid Pendant

NOT available separately. Select this item to order a 1" Crystal Pyramid Pendant with your Crystal Singing Pyramid. These Crystal Pyramid Pendants are ONLY available when you order a Crystal…

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Energized by The Council of 12

Amazing sound healing tool: for anyone who works with energy, meditation, spiritual transformation.

  • Description: Optically clear quartz singing crystal pyramid
  • Council of 12 energized: each pyramid purchased from Selacia is individually energized for you by her spiritual guides, The Council of 12; during a brief personal consultation with Selacia ahead of confirming your order, the energizing specific to you is determined
  • Handmade: each pyramid is handmade – based on the original invention from Dieter Schrade, Germany
  • Egypt connection:  dimensions of pyramid are scaled to the same dimensions as the Cheops Pyramids in Egypt; ask Selacia about essential oils you can work with to help amplify beneficial Egyptian connections
  • Placement: easy to hold or hang from a hook – on top of pyramid is a small quartz circle to hold the leather cord or hold the pyramid for playing it; some hang it over the bed to sleep under the energy of the pyramid; to display on table, place on a non-glass surface like wood to avoid breakage
  • Purpose: use these quartz pyramids to open and balance chakras, for space clearing, for cleaning other crystals in one’s space, to raise frequency/vibration, to facilitate spiritual openings
  • Benefits: playing these pyramids can benefit a space and all living things in the space – including people, animals, plants
  • Specific applications: include holding and playing the pyramid when standing over someone seated (their eyes closed, meditating); example could be to start at the head, then go to the heart and then back up to the head
  • Playing: using the suede end of the striker, gently tap the pyramid as it hangs in the air – start with tapping the bottom portion in 2 places, then tap the sides in 2 or 3 places, then use the striker to move the pyramid in a circular motion on its axis; important – avoid the corners when playing the pyramid
  • Crystal pyramids and crystal bowls:  both sound healing tools are wonderful healing tools and will complement one another; comparing the two is very individual – just as a cat and dog are different a bowl and pyramid can be experienced differently, each magnificent in  its own way
  • Availability: pyramids are available for shipment to most locations in the world; to confirm pyramids currently in stock and which would be perfect for you, contact Selacia

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What people say about Crystal Pyramids:

I’m thrilled with this pyramid. Crystals never talked to me before, but this one gave me its name!

When the pyramid is played, I feel more grounded and it’s easier to go into a meditative state. Being able to tune into its vibrations is powerful.

I have both a 9” pyramid and the 1” pyramid pendant and both of them are very powerful! The small one gathers and focuses and intensifies the energy of the large one. The larger pyramid gave me her name, in fact one name for the morning and one for evening. The 1” pyramid carries the energy of the large one. This small one sings all of a sudden when I carry it, even when it’s not struck. It sang when I was carrying it to the car as I went to work. Like the larger one, it has a female name, which it gave me. I’ve already had an amazing healing experience because of asking the pyramid to help me when I had tension in my upper back. After asking, when I was out with friends having some tea, a man I didn’t even know came up behind me and started massaging my upper back for several minutes, then left. The restaurant server came up to me afterwards in astonishment, saying he’d never seen that man be anything but egocentric in all the years he knew him. It seems that the help for my upper back tension came in the unexpected spontaneous massage.

The pyramid is really trippy in a very good way. When you first started to play it, I saw what looked like a scene from the movie Inception, where the illusion of reality sort of slid apart and folded in on itself. The combination of tones and vibration was really unique to anything I’ve ever experienced. I definitely felt things shaking loose, specifically from my throat chakra, which I’ve been working on clearing more through expressing my voice both in person and in my writing.

When you first started playing the crystal pyramid, it felt like two baseball size spheres were over my shoulders – one on top of each shoulder. I saw particles of energy held inside the spheres. It was like if I drew a line from one shoulder to the next and then up to my ears, it was in the shape of a pyramid. I also noticed my third eye vibrating! I noticed two main frequencies but then those two frequencies created overtones and when they all linked together it was like they opened up a dimensional gateway. I also sensed energy streamers coming from the pyramid.

As you started to play the pyramid, I began connecting with ancient Egypt and felt like I had been transported through time to one of the ancient mystery schools! These pyramids are very unique, with their own orbs and an ability to work in targeted ways to help people. They function like a merkaba, opening up a dimensional gateway. Having them energized by The Council of 12 is a big plus. The Council of 12’s energy is palpable as the sound moves around the room and into my energy field

I love the crystal pyramid and the beautiful tones. When played, I feel as though rainbows of light go out in all directions. I experience these as orbs that line up in a geometric configuration. The tones feel harmonious with the body and entire energy field – helping to facilitate an attunement. I’ve worked with crystals for years, and these pyramids are wonderful healing tools unlike any others I’ve experienced!

The crystal pyramid feels otherworldly to me. It feels like a very high frequency tool for healing body, mind, and spirit – while also balancing energies.