Serpentine - spending limit $65

Serpentine - spending limit $65
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DNA Helix Spiral - General

Energized by The Council of 12

Comes complete with a Council of 12-energized quartz crystal that will spin and spread The Council's high-vibrational energies throughout the room. A helpful tool for clearing energy, creating an uplifting energetic environment, enhancing meditation and other contemplative states, and much more! A visual reminder of our human DNA helix, this helix spiral can help calm your mind and emotional state and assist in meditative journeys. People of all ages love to sit in a room with one of these in motion.

Comes complete with 56 colored chakra beads and the Council of 12-energized lead quartz sphere/prism to disperse/move energy and deflect negative chi, transmuting energy. When hung in the sunlight, in a window or outdoors/on a balcony, it will create a beautiful rainbow of lights! The crystal at the base is also a Feng Shui tool because of its faceted lead quartz crystal ball shape. When hard (negative) energy enters the ball, the facets deflect the energy, breaking it up and turning it into gentle (positive) energy. Lead crystal is lead glass that's been hand or machine cut with facets. Minerals added to the glass give it sparkle.

The motion of the DNA helix spiral comes from a battery compartment at the top of the unit (batteries not included). Any remote in your home will operate the spiral. Even without using the batteries, if placed by an open window or outside in the wind, the helix will move on its own. We will ship anywhere in the world.