Serpentine - spending limit $200

Serpentine - spending limit $200
Image shown is indicative only; colors, shapes and sizes as well as settings, if applicable, may differ from the picture shown.
NOTE: When ordering your crystal, please indicate in the "Special Instructions" area of the shopping cart, your preference for shape, size, color, etc.

Fluorite Prosperity Crystal (China) - General

Prosperity crystals-obelisks and other shapes are energized by The Council of 12 to assist you with prosperity and manifesting. These stones, usually either green or purple or a combination of the two, will help you to magnetize more of the positive things you desire in your life.

Fluorite can help to bring balance, purification and cleansing to those parts of you that have become out of balance. An excellent stabilizer of energy, it can help you move out of crisis and chaos. It can also enhance your health, intellect and emotional well-being.

  • Brings balance, purification, and cleansing of which is in disorder
  • Enhances health, intellect, and emotional well-being
  • Helps bring order to chaos
  • Stabilizes energy
  • Helps with concentration
  • Helps you understand the balances intrinsic to relationships
  • Fluorite crystals are available in shapes including obelisks, points, spheres, hearts, wands, pyramids, and jewelry.
  • Each fluorite crystal is infused with The Council of 12's high-vibrational energies.