Jasper (animal link crystal) - General

Jasper (animal link crystal) - General
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Jasper (animal link crystal) - General

Animal Link Crystal

Jasper is a stone of joy and connection with life on Earth, including animals and nature spirits. Found in various earth-tone colors, often multi-colored, this crystal is long known for its healing properties and mystical powers. To clean your jasper crystals, it's best to avoid water and use either a soft dry cloth or place in the sunlight.

Animal link crystal energized by The Council of 12 to assist in connecting with your pet and with animals in nature. Jasper is a natural link between humans, animals and the life forms found in nature and in the nonphysical realms.

Often worn by the shaman to provide protection, this stone holds an aspect of solar energy and has a relation to one's solar plexus chakra.

A stone of protection, this crystal can be placed at the bedside, in one's office, in the pocket, or carried on one's journeys.

Can help a person connect with the nonphysical realms, and with the 'other side.'

A balancer of yin-yang energy, this crystal can be a potent stabilizer during chaos.

Hold or wear to stabilize the aura, and to provide a cleansing of dysfunctional energies.

On a physical level, the ancients worked with jasper to help promote health involving internal organs such as the stomach, to soothe the nerves, to offset depression, and to help with sleeplessness.

Red jasper enhances a state of security, stabilizes, and reduces fear. It can help with grounding and protection against negativity. Red jasper also helps one learn to progress, and can help to prevent set-backs in disorders.

In addition to these general attributes of jasper, specific kinds of jasper are known to have particular functions. For example, red jasper is known for assisting with physical strength, vitality, and stabilizing one's energies. Rainforest jasper is known for facilitating a connection with the Earth, bringing joy to one's life, connecting with fairies and nature spirits, attraction of prosperity, and creating a sense of feeling at home on the Earth. Mook jasper (aka mookaite), is an amazing tool to help one stay in the present moment and to hone in on the heart of the matter when having an issue. Mookaite is also known for: slowing the aging process, facilitating intergenerational genetic healing, and increasing one's perception of Earth energies. Fancy jasper is known for its energies helping with grounding, mental discipline, focus, perseverance, and facilitating slow-steady healing. Picture jasper is a stone believed to facilitate a knowing and remembering of the Earth's ancient civilizations'helping one in connecting with Earth's consciousness, the lessons humanity learned in the past, and inner journeying to sacred sites on the planet. Unakite jasper is known for help with healing, balance, release of negative habits including addictions, patient persistence, and higher attunement. In addition, Unakite helps connect with the realms of the Earth keepers, devic, and dolphins. Unakite, a stone of vision, can help in opening one's 3rd eye, offsetting electromagnetic energies, recovering from major illness, and bringing past emotional issues to light for understanding and healing. Orange jasper (aka Jaguar jasper from Peru) is associated with development of one's inner power and creativity. A powerful healing stone, orange jasper can help with energy blockages and a feeling of protection and strength.

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