Tibetan Wesak Quartz - spending limit $200

Tibetan Wesak Quartz - spending limit $200
Image shown is indicative only; colors, shapes and sizes as well as settings, if applicable, may differ from the picture shown.
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Kyanite (Brazil) - General

  • Never needs cleansing or clearing
  • Balances the energy field
  • Can cleanse and heal other crystals
  • Aligns all chakras automatically and immediately, with no conscious direction
  • With conscious direction, it can also be used to open the chakras; can bring tranquility and calmness to the person's entire being
  • Helpful in meditation as it can calm the mind
  • Can dispel energy blockages
  • Can connect people with their teachers in the higher realms
  • Energized by The Council of 12 with their blessings and healing/wisdom energies
  • Wands, shards
  • Available in jewelry
  • This stone, according to The Crystal Ally Cards, can help a person to create bridges of energy between the physical and non-physical