Tiger Eye - sphere - spending limit $12

Tiger Eye - sphere - spending limit $12
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Moldavite - General

This extremely rare translucent green stone is believed to have fallen to Earth over 14 million years ago from a meteor impact in Czechoslovakia. Moldavite, with its very powerful, high vibration, is said to be among the most influential members of the mineral kingdom. This crystal is thought to allow the light of the Divine to work great changes and miracles in one's life. It can be helpful in accessing inner guidance. Known as a powerful stone for positive transformation, this stone also integrates the heart with the mind and assists with removing energy blocks within the physical and etheric bodies. Sleeping with Moldavite can produce more vivid dream states. Wearing it can help manifest positive life changes. More information about Moldavite and its many benefits is available in the Crystal Ally Cards and The Book of Stones.

  • Excellent for meditation and the expansion of consciousness. Helps one hear the call of their 'higher destiny'
  • Activates and clears all the chakras, especially the throat, third-eye, and crown
  • Harmonizes well with other gems and crystals, increasing the beneficial effects of all involved (quartz, nuummite, celestite, aquamarine, lapis, amethyst, citrine, selenite, kunzite, obsidian, and fluorite to name a few)

Available in raw stones, wire-wrap pendants, sparkly green post earrings, a three-stone gem-quality pendant shown here, and as part of a gemstone-quality pendant by special order (nuummite, moldavite and amethyst).