Quartz Crystal Singing Pyramids

Quartz Crystal Singing Pyramids

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Energized by The Council of 12

Amazing sound healing tool: for anyone who works with energy, meditation, spiritual transformation.

  • Description: Optically clear quartz singing crystal pyramid
  • Council of 12 energized: each pyramid purchased from Selacia is individually energized for you by her spiritual guides, The Council of 12; during a brief personal consultation with Selacia ahead of confirming your order, the energizing specific to you is determined
  • Handmade: each pyramid is handmade – based on the original invention from Dieter Schrade, Germany
  • Egypt connection:  dimensions of pyramid are scaled to the same dimensions as the Cheops Pyramids in Egypt; ask Selacia about essential oils you can work with to help amplify beneficial Egyptian connections
  • Placement: easy to hold or hang from a hook – on top of pyramid is a small quartz circle to hold the leather cord or hold the pyramid for playing it; some hang it over the bed to sleep under the energy of the pyramid; to display on table, place on a non-glass surface like wood to avoid breakage
  • Purpose: use these quartz pyramids to open and balance chakras, for space clearing, for cleaning other crystals in one’s space, to raise frequency/vibration, to facilitate spiritual openings
  • Benefits: playing these pyramids can benefit a space and all living things in the space – including people, animals, plants
  • Specific applications: include holding and playing the pyramid when standing over someone seated (their eyes closed, meditating); example could be to start at the head, then go to the heart and then back up to the head
  • Playing: using the suede end of the striker, gently tap the pyramid as it hangs in the air – start with tapping the bottom portion in 2 places, then tap the sides in 2 or 3 places, then use the striker to move the pyramid in a circular motion on its axis; important – avoid the corners when playing the pyramid
  • Crystal pyramids and crystal bowls:  both sound healing tools are wonderful healing tools and will complement one another; comparing the two is very individual – just as a cat and dog are different a bowl and pyramid can be experienced differently, each magnificent in  its own way
  • Availability: pyramids are available for shipment to most locations in the world; to confirm pyramids currently in stock and which would be perfect for you, contact Selacia

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