Tourmaline - Pink - spending limit $13

Tourmaline - Pink - spending limit $13
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Tibetan Wesak Quartz - General

The Council of 12 has energized all Tibetan quartz crystals to hold the Wesak energies and blessings. The crystals hold sacred energy and wisdom from Tibet, containing the energetic frequencies of the ancient culture. More information regarding the Wesak and sample photos of Wesak Tibetan quartz from Wesak Celebrations is available here. You can work with these potent quartz crystals throughout the year to benefit from the Wesak blessings.

  • Holds sacred energy and wisdom from Tibet, containing the energetic frequencies of this ancient culture
  • Tends to contain a very powerful "OM" vibration
  • Gathers, holds and releases energy
  • Each crystal is individually energized with The Council of 12's high-vibrational resonance, and contains the Wesak blessings available to humanity each spring
  • Helps with centering, healing, and connecting with the ancient Masters who have set the template for enlightenment on Earth
  • A helpful tool for your ongoing inner work, contemplation, meditations and focus on your own enlightenment potential in this life
  • Recommended to work with during Wesak celebrations, worldwide channelings with Selacia and The Council of 12, and in the potent days of spiritual openings possible just before and just after Wesak each spring
  • Points - stands available for some points